Thursday, June 25, 2009

It's Thursday

I couldn't think of a better header - sorry. Not too much going on. Thank you all for the kind comments about the QFRR - (Quaker Friendship Round Robin) It was lots of fun to do - even with the headaches. The last two that are out there are Carol's - Valerie has that one and Valerie's is with Donna. I stitched on more Christmas stuff and a little on the big Abecedaire piece - the last two parts where posted and I am just now getting back to working on finishing it up. If you click on the link and scroll down there are quite a few finished pieces posted - It is amazing how many different interpretations and colour changes you get when a bunch of stitchers get going. You can also see how different floss choices are in the Mary Wigham World Wide SAL. Some of the colour combos are just spectacular. I am downloading this Quaker beauty to do in the future - and am leaning towards greys and blues with touches of red.

The flickers for last night where interesting - one bad and one good. The bad flick was "The Long Ships" - 1964 - starring Richard Widmark and Sydney Poitier. I love what one commenter on the IMBD site called the film - where the Vikings meet John Cleese. It was an absolute cheesy adventure "epic." I got about 3/4 of the way through and had to turn it off - it was very odd and not in a good way. The second flick was the movie version of Carosn McCullers novel "The Heart is a Lonely Hunter" - 1968 - starring Allen Arkin, Sandra Locke, Percy Rodriguez and Cicely Tyson. I really enjoyed this movie and had no idea that a movie had been made of the novel until I saw it on Netflix. It is a really moving film about loneliness, kindness and of reaching out to others at 2 hours the time just flies by.

Thanks again for stopping by - and for the nice comments - I always appreciate them!!

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Jennifer/OH said...

I've been trying to download the latest installment of the "Mary W." Quaker all day, but there seems to be a sever problem. Of course I know nothing about the ins and outs of the computer world. Plus my computer is a mess with a huge thunderstorm passing over and getting kicked off the Internet by "Server Overload" due to the deaths of both Farrah Fawcet and Michael Jackson. Yikes, what a weird day!

Margaret said...

On days when I can't stitch, I just love to look at your stitching and read your flick recommendations. I was wondering if you'd do me a favor? I've never participated in a RR before and don't think I quite understand exactly how it works. Could you take some time (when you have some, I can you're a busy fella) and explain to all of us newbies how they work - how you start one, select participants, etc. I'd really like to understand because I'm really into team projects and think this would be SO much fun. Thanks again for all of the beauty and entertainment you provide!