Monday, May 11, 2009

A Winner, Some Goodies, A Frame up…Some Stitching!!!

I will start off with the winner of the 2nd Blogoversary here at BlackSheep Site
- drum roll and a snap of The Peach a Pickin......

.... out the winner from the Bowl of Destiny..... (Now I know why you should never work with animals or children!!!! They just don't perform queue - ever!! ((is that a snack bite in there with those entries????) ) But, all that aside the winner that got pulled from all the entries was Jen over at My Stitch in Time - a newer Blogger here in our cyber universe - go check out her blog. Now - Jen just email me your snail mail address and I will get you super de duper prize in the mail. The email is edgar matt @ g mail . com (leave out spaces).
Thanks again for all of your kind regards and here's to another great year of my yapping and stitching!!!!!

On Friday the company Rico works for had the annual share holders meeting - super fancy and over catered as are most of those functions - well, all I can say it whoop de dam do - I love a party with catering - He brought home some leftover stuff -

and these....

We certainly made out and both of us were a couple a rooting hogs!!!
Just some delicious goodies!!!

I wanted to thank both Sherry and Jill for encouraging me to step up to the plate and try and frame something myself. I have been getting various frames from estate and garage sales and wanted to use them instead of having new frames made. It is so very expensive as we all know!!! Well on Saturday I ran down to Michael's and picked up some foam board and pins and just decided to try my hand at framing!!! Here is my first ever frame up -

I think it turned out really nice. So, for less than $10 I have a great old mahogany frame and the satisfaction of doing it myself!!!! There is going to be more framing in my future - In fact I have a list of glass I need to have cut for some other pieces!!!

I finished up the latest section of the ABC SAL - and here is a snap...

Only two more sections and this lovely will be all over -
I am still really enjoying stitching on this!!!

- and here is a new start - from La-d-Da - called "Peaceful Ways"

This will be a pretty quick stitch - I really like the colours and the sentiment.

Thanks again to you all for entering my 2nd Annual Blogoversary drawing
and for the continual encouragement!!!!

Stop by again!!!

take care,


Kim B said...

Congrats to Jen! And your framing is great Edgar! I love the wide border. And posting pics of chocolate covered strawberries is surely considered some kind of inhumane torture!

Mel said...

Lovely framing job.
And I really like the colours in your ABC Sal.

CarolG said...

Congratulations to Jen - she is a lucky lady! Boo Hoo to me! I love your framing...I am like you - some nice old frames but scared to try my hand at framing...your outcome just might make me try! Thanks for the drawing!

Carol R said...

Congratulations to Jen!
Great frame job Edgar and love your new start of Peaceful Ways!
Chocolate covered strawberries - mmnn - they look delicious!

Sadie said...

Congratulations to the lucky winner. Wow, you did a great job framing your sampler. Just think how much more stash you could buy with all the money you save on framing
Those were some lovely treats that Rico bought home, I am starting to feel hungry now! Love the progress on ABC SAL and your new start looks very nice too. Have a great week x

Cindy F. said...

Congrats to Jen!!!
and Congrats to you for such a beautiful framing finish! Wow! You're going to have more money to spend on treasure hunts now;)

Have a great week!

Sherry said...

What a wonderful job on the framing, Edgar! You will adore saving all that money and using it for more charts and threads!

valerie said...

Congratulations to Jen! Wow, Edgar...lots of happenings! Yummy cookies and choco-covered berries. I love your framing'll have to teach me. And some good progress on ABC and a new start. Just amazes me how much you get done in a weekend. I'm such a lazy bum!

Gaynor said...

Lovely stitching and framing: OMG what I would do for strawberries dipped in chocolate!

Mary Elizabeth said...

Wow, great job on the framing. It really shows off your great stitching, fiber color selection, and fabric choice. Mary

staci said...

Great framing looks fantastic!

And those leftovers look delish!!!

trillium said...

Is it better to frame embroidery with or without glass? I'd like some opinions.

Doris said...

.-congratulations for the winner!
i like your assitent, cute doggy.

.-oH,the strawberries! and chocolat?,together...(sights) is heaven!!

.-lovely stitching in the ABC, love the colors.

.-Congratulations for your framing!

Colleen said...

Good for Jen! I just visited her blog and she has some nice x-stitch pieces done.

Good framing job! Wish I could find some nice frames like that around here.

The ABC SAL is just gorgeous! I am working on a couple La D Da pieces. I just love them! They are quick and a lot of fun. :)

No movies this weekend, Edgar??? I watched Laura with Gene Tierney. Love that movie!

mainely stitching said...

Your framing is INCREDIBLE! Wow, that's so gorgeous.

Congratulations to Jen!

doris said...

Yahoo for Jen!

As always, your progress on ABC is beautiful.

gazette94 said...

Congratulations to the winner ,
The strawberries look nice ,
the abécédaire takes shape..

Bronny said...

Oh drool - 7am here and I'm looking at chocolate covered strawberries...gonna make toast & vegemite rather a bland breakfast!! Well done on your framing - it looks great! Congratulations to Jen - i'm only going to admit to a teeny bit of jealousy oh her win..

PS Stitcher said...

OH MY GOODNESS!!! I can't believe that your adorable puppy picked my name!! Thank you so much!! I never win things and I am so excited!! Thank you.....Thank you.....Thank you!!

I love your blog and seeing all of the beautiful pieces!! I am a HUGE fan (and was before your puppy picked my name! hehehe)

Thanks again,

Gabi said...

Congrats to Jen. Your ABC piece looks great and I'm looking forward to see more of Peaceful Ways. Chocolate covered strawberrys...YUMMMM

Angela P said...

Congrats on the framing, it looks wonderful!

Jeanie said...

Congrats to Jen !
The chocolate covered strawberries look yummy !
Nice framing job, congrats :)

Barbie said...

Out of ALL the BBD Petites Rouge freebie samplers I have seen on the web (and we all know they are LEGION), I LOVE yours the most! Your colors are divine and that little bird is exquisite - wherever did you find him??? (I really would like to know if you don't mind sharing). Your framing is excellent, as well. counttwice at gmail dot com

Von said...

How cool to see you jumping into framing up your stitching with both feet! You did a great job. :)

Lisa said...

Your framing is wonderful! And the piece look beautiful on the wall all framed! You really do beautiful work, I enjoy visiting your blog and looking at all your accomplishments and WIPs.
Congrats on the blog-oversary again!
Take care!

Jennifer/OH said...

great framing job!! I've be doing my own framing for years. The results vary from "very professional" to "absolute poopy". Much like my computer skills, it's a hit-or-miss sort of thing with me.
The post-party goodies look marvelous. Nothing taste better then stuff that's FREE!

Anonymous said...

You did great on the framing!!! I love estate sale and thrift store frames; they are THE BEST!
I love following all of your stitching and your estate sale finds! Great inspiration for me.

Nina said...

Congratulations for the lucky winner :)
And for you Edgar you finished BBD sampler, it's so beautiful in this frame.

~ Stitchin Sweet Sue ~ said...

Hi, your SAL is lovely! Visited Jen's blog, very nice, thx for link.

Stitchin Sweet Sue

PS Stitcher said...

Edgar, the prize that you sent to me was absolutely fabulous!! You really went OVER THE TOP!

Just to share with everyone what Edgar sent to me.....this is a fabulous stitched ornament. Three pieces of beautiful fabrics, yummy chocolate, chocolate mints, a cup from San Francisco and a key chain from San Francisco. This really is a fantastic prize and I want to give a HUGE Thank YOU for everything Edgar!!

PS Stitcher said...

Oh and I forgot to say that I have posted a picture of the prizes on my blog for everyone to see.