Wednesday, May 27, 2009

A Busy few days - and a bunch of stuff!!

Dear Ones - please forgive the crappy post from yesterday, but I didn't want the day to go by without at least touching base. I had a very productive 3 day weekend. So where to begin..... Let's start off with some stitching stuff - I finished up a couple of exchanges and they are waiting to be mailed - so no snaps of them, but I did hear from Bonnie that the 2nd round for the PS Exchange reached her. Here is a snap of the Pyn Keepe that I made for her -

This is from PS Christmas Miniatures - book 29 - I picked out four of the 20 pieces from the chart that had birds - changed up a couple of colours and then stitched a border that I made up up et voici - I really like the way it turned out - except that the white swan just doesn't photograph very well - Bonnie is happy which is the main thing!! I just love me some PS Designs!!! The second stitched piece is a finish and frustrating framing of the latest La-D-Da - "Tis the gift" -

I just couldn't get this to sit straight in the frame so after the third attempt I just let it alone - I will go back and pop it out later and work on making it a bit straighter - I used one of the frames I picked up at some sale - I think it is from the 30's and fit this piece very well. I love how this turned out and I am super happy with the colour changes. This picture makes it seem that the floss connecting the little dots shows through but IRL all you see are the dots - I guess the flash let the thread leach through - oh well, more of my super photographic skills!!

I also received a super stitched penny rug from a dear friend - sweet Vonna!!!
I found a great place for it with some other things that are special to me....

It is really lovely and the colours are perfect - what a great treasure!!
Thank you so much Dear Vonna!!!!

It wouldn't have been the weekend if Dale and I didn't run around to a bunch of sales!! Here is a snap of the haul from Saturday -

The four hand coloured pictures where from a single garage sale - I really don't have the room for them - but a $10 a pop how could I pass. The 2 on the right of buildings I think are probably from the first half of the 19th century if not earlier. The two on the the left I think are late 19th century and are in period frames with "ormolu" mounts, as a group they have a wonderful look about them!! The guy I bought them from said he better not see me on Antiques Roadshow!! Here is a close up of the little things -

The turkey was brand new and in its original box - how great will he look at Thanksgiving - and the little "yarn" doll china bank is so cute. I got the pinking and little embroidery scissors along with the old thimble together for $2! The little Icon Dale found for me for a $1 - you just can't beat the prices!!!!

There was also a long list of flickers but I have droned on long enough today!!
Thank you all for stopping by!!

Take care,


Colleen said...

La D Da turned out great and the frame is perfect! You found some good stuff again at the sales.

No flicks this weekend?? DH and I started off the weekend on Friday night with "In Harm's Way" with John Wayne and then we watched "The Flying Tigers". It was a John Wayne weekend, I guess. :)

Mel said...

Your stitching pieces are lovely! And I think the frame is so very unique. I love it.

Sherry said...

You did a super job on the framing of the La D Da piece! I don't see any reason to re-do it! You can cut a piece of black construction paper to place behind the stitched piece to keep threads from showing through!

I love all your goodies and what a great little rug!

Missy Ann said...

I'm going to be honest. 99 times out of 100 cross stitch framed in "found" frames make me cringe. But you are the 1 time. That frame is absolutely perfect for the piece or the piece is perfect for the frame. They look like they've been together since the frame was made. Bravo!

Kim B said...

Your La D Da turned out beautifully!! I love this design! And what a prefect frame! Vonna is such a sweetie.

~Judy~ said...

Edgar, I love how La D Da turned out and looks perfect in that frame. Now I will be on the search for that chart. Have a great rest of the day.

Kathy A. said...

Very nice framing of your La D Da. Love the look of that frame.
And your weekend haul WOW - love those old pictures. They crtainly seem very old and make a great grouping.

Vonna said...

WOWZERS...that frame looks like it was MADE for the La-D-Da...:) PRETTY!!!
And your goodies from the oh my what a wonderful day!
I'm glad that you like the penny rug and it looks nice where you have it :) Hugs to you my friend!

Jennifer/OH said...

Love all the stitchy stuff. Your framing job looks perfect to me. Love the Pyn Keep...PS designs are so versatile.
Wow, what an amazing haul from the sales over the weekend. I think those prints should be appraised. Really like the little turkey. I have a thing for turkeys, regardless of the time of year.

Terri(TerriBoog) said...

Great job on the framing, Edgar! Also love all your good finds! Yeah You!!!

Julianne said...

Nice framing work, Edgar.

Vonna sure did give you a nice gift.

Anonymous said...

what wonderful picts.. love the la d da it looks brilliant where do you find the time? lol brillant buys from the sale.. and love the rug you have some fab stuff.. pyn keep looks fab.. way to go.

Nicola said...

Lovely PS pyn keepe, and the LaDaDa looks great in that unusual frame.

Lee said...

LOVE the La-D-Da piece, and I'm wondering about the frame...maybe your stitching is straight and the frame is a little crooked? Have you checked to make sure its corners are actually square? Regardless, I think it's charming as it is.

CindyMae said...

The pin keep is just gorgeous and Your framed piece looks amazing! That frame is perfect for that piece! Don't feel bad, I never get mine straight no matter how hard I try! LOL Great hall from this weekend! Those paintings are wonderful!