Thursday, May 28, 2009

Some Witchin' Stitchin'

Last night I finished up my square on Terry's RR - this will go into the mail in the morning winging its way back home - here is an overall snap -

and here is a closeup of the square I did -

The chart is from PS - Book 90 called "Spring-Fall." I really like how this turned out and you know how I like PS - I used the recommended DMC floss - the only changes I made was to fill out the tail - as charted it was cut oddly so I needed to fill it out a bit on top. This was a super RR put together by Donna and I had a great time stitching on all the pieces. I also finished up an exchange that will go into the mail also - but no snap of that yet. I seem to have a giganto list of things I need to stitch up - so I will be busy with a very few stitchy snaps for a while.

Last night the flicker was "The High and the Mighty" - 1954 - starring a bunch of actors leading the pack was John Wayne and Robert Stack. As you know John Wayne is not one of my favorite actors by a long shot - but this film is really a story driven vehicle for all the players - I enjoyed it but thought it was a bit long - the stories the passengers had and the interaction was top notch - one of the best scenes was the tossing out the door of all the luggage - to lighten the load. At about 2 1/2 hours I could totally recommend the film.

I wanted to thank you all for the kind things you said in yesterdays comments -
It was much appreciated!!

Thanks for stopping by!!

Take care,


Berit said...

Nice finish! I am so envious of all you people in that Halloween RR!! I have been admiring all the pieces from afar for the past several months--I do love me some Halloween stitching!

As for yesterday's PS finish, the border you added in is just super! I tried out my very first PS design a couple of weeks ago, and it was love at (almost) first stitch! It was a really fun, quick stitch. I had such a good time that it just flew by--are all Prairie Schoolers like that in your experience?

Suzie said...

I've been watching the progress on your Halloween RR's. They are all looking like so much fun!! How are you going to display your finished piece?

I just came in here, being a bit delayed in my morning routine by just HAVING to watch Broadway Melody of 1940 with Fred Astaire & Eleanor Powell. I love that set at the end when they dance to Begin The Beguine.

John Wayne was never one of my favorites either, but my Mother is. The memory I have of The High & The Mighty is going to the drive-in with my parents, pillow in tow, because I would probably be tired before it was over. I was awake for much of it though, and although I didn't understand much of the dialogue. .those speakers back then were terrible! I remember the images, and my Mom sobbing at the end.

I haven't gotten to watch any movies in the evenings for several weeks now. My dh has been monopolizing the television with his basketball play-offs. First it was college, and now the pros. But never fear. .he now owes me BIG time,and I got three volumes of the Bette Davis Collection, the whole Thin Man series, a number of my Joan Crawford favorites, along with some neat film noir stacked up, just waiting to be watched!

Have you seen the new TCM Fan Member Club where movies are discussed? I just got the message yesterday, to sign up for membership.

You always find the neatest things when you go antiquing! This coming Sunday is the monthly outdoor antique market in my area, and it is one of the largest in the state. I love going and browsing, and never seem to leave empty handed, and deviate from my list, no matter how much I try! lol It would be interesting to see what you could find in markets in other areas of the country.. .maybe you should start a road trip!

Wishing you lots of neat finds this weekend, and happy stitching in the hours before and after!

Kim B said...

Great finish! What a fun RR!

Doris said...

i like the look of the cat.congratulation for finishe it.

Patti said...

Edgar I just love what you stitched - it was absolutely positively PERFECT! Love patti xxx

Melissa said...

What a great RR! I also liked the PS exchange you posted yesterday!

Kathy A. said...

Well, that is just too cute. What a wonderful addition to the RR.
It is so cool

Mel said...

What a lovely RR!
Your square is so cute. :)

CindyMae said...

That is such a awesome RR!! I love your square, perfect choice!!

Jan said...

How neat, Edgar! Love what you did on this RR!

Dani - tkdchick said...

What a great RR and a fantastic contribution!