Friday, February 20, 2009


I just felt this week needed to be over and a rest was a'coming!! Now this elusive rest my not happen as there are quite a few things we want to accomplish this weekend. As always I need "Le Sale du Garage" and "Un Junque Magnifique" to quell my shopping bug and not break the bank!!! - so Tomorrow morning it is off to rummage through others Flotsam and jetsam - who knows what lurks out there just waiting to be bought at some ridiculous low price!!!!!!! The other thing we want to accomplish is a visit to The Legion of Honor to see what looks like a super de duper exhibit - "Artistic Luxury - Faberge, Tiffany and Lalique." Fancy shiny stuff - right up my alley.

It seems that there are 7 of the Imperial Eggs - including this one The Rose Trellis Egg - 1907 - gift from Nicholas II to Alexandra - isn't it just spectacular!!!!

On the stitchy front last night - more exchange stitching/finishing- sorry about the no snaps - but we need to keep it secret until they get to their new homes.

The flickers last night were .... catching the last half of "Goodbye Mr. Chips" - 1939, starring Robert Donat and Greer Garson. This was followed by "Pygmalion" - 1938 - starring Leslie Howard and Wendy Hiller. Then TCM backed this up with the musical of the same story "My Fair Lady" - 1964 - starring Rex Harrison and Andrey Hepburn. The evening rounded out with the almost perfect musical "Singing in the Rain" - 1952 starring Gene Kelly, Debbie Reynolds and the wonderful Jean Hagen. The movie evening finished off with "Born Yesterday" - 1950 Starring Judy Holliday in her Oscar wining roll as Billie Dawn. These are all wonderful flicks that I would highly recommend.

There you go - if you want to be a part of the "Wintery" give-away to go back to Tuesdays post and sign up before 2:30 PST today - I will have the chihuahuas do the picking this weekend and announce the winner on Monday!!!

So my dears - until next week remember - same Bat Time same Bat Channel!!! As always I do Thank you for stopping by - and spending a few moments with me!!!!

Take care,


Yoyo said...

I hope you enjoy your visit to the Legion, take pics if they allow it, we'd love to see. I think we watched all the same movies last night, wish I could have seen a couple of those on your El Grandé TV (LOL). I loved Pygmalion but I think Rex Harrison's version ranks right at the top of my movie list. Enjoy the Junque Magnifique, way too cold here yet for trudging around the neighborhood.

Evelyn said...

Edgar, wait a minute, you watched FIVE movies in one night?! Wowie, I'm impressed! Do you stitch the entire time? I wish that I could see well enough, but I'm nearsighted so I can't seem to do both (stitching and watching tv) well - at the same time. Sounds like a lovely exhibit - I just love me them eggs!

Kathy A. said...

This secret stitching is so much fun but it leaves us without photos sometimes doesn't it.
Enjoy your exhibit of Faberge eggs. I saw several at the art museum in New Orleans several years back. You weren't allowed to take photos but I did snap a couple before the guard came and told me no photos!
Maybe you will find one on your escapades this weekend. One can always hope!

valerie said...

Edgar, be sure to report on the Legion exhibit. I heard about it and want to go...time, time where are you?! I just won't have time until later next month once BF is all healed.

Sherry said...

LOL someone has been watching Batman on Nick at Night! The egg is beautiful! Hope you find some great buys this weekend!

Melissa said...

Oh I wish I could perch on your shoulder as you go tripsing through those sales. Enjoy your weekend and the "eggy" exhibit.

Denise said...

I just want to tell you how very much I enjoy reading your blog. I
love to see all your lovely stitching, of course, but I also really like to hear (and see!) about your yard sale excursions and
trips to your LNS!!
Please continue to show us photos of your wonderful garage sale treasures and also fun places around San Francisco.

Von said...

I've read several bios of Tsar Nicholas and Alexandra and would go nuts to see some of their Faberge eggs! Have a great weekend. :)

Jennifer/OH said...

Anything to do with the Russian Imperial Family just throws me over the edge of joy! My "Royalty Book Collection" is now up to 38 and one is souly dedicated to Faberge and his creations for the Imperial Family.
I am both humbled and a bit embarrassed by the lovely award you bestowed upon me. It is my FIRST award and I wasn't even on-line the day you posted it. How shameful. Thank you so much for thinking of me. Thanks you also for the lovely ship that arrived in my mailbox yesterday.

Anonymous said...

Love your blog - you have such a great sense of humor and your blog is always fun to read. Remember when you posted the Quaker freebie that had everybody commenting and wanting to know where you found it? Well, I found it last night while searching away on the web. It's on Gazette94's blog! Here is the link to the page with the post:
Scroll down to the 5/9/08 entry. I almost didn't recognize the chart because the picture isn't on the blog, it's in her gallery, but when I compared it to the picture you posted, it was the same. . . Hope you are interested in this information. . . thanks for your consistently beautiful stitching and for entertaining us regularly.