Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Back from the beyond -

Yesterday surfing around the Blogs I once again bumped into Hazel's - Beatrix Potter SAL - I finished that piece last year and remember it as a wonderful piece to stitch. I had started the BP Companion piece a super long time ago and put it away.... and as with so many things it had gotten shuffled to the bottom of the pile as other things come and go, exchanges , new starts, new stash, you know - just stitching stuff. Well I thought why was it just sitting there!!! I should haul that sucker out and get her finished up AND framed and hung up next to BP. So out of the depths of my stitchy basket I pulled the lost orphan BPC. It was a ton of fun to work on and here is the progress as it stands -

I also worked some on an exchange but the majority of the evening was working on this piece. I would love to get this done and get Sarah Moon started. I think my stitchy sampler wall will be heavily Quaker. :) - I have so many Quaker things I want to stitch I could just stitch on them and nothing else and never run out of stuff to stitch - Have I reached SABLE in the Quaker Dept??? I think so!

I wanted to yak about some of the flickers from the past few days - "Artists and Models" - 1937 - starring Jack Benny, Ida Lupino, Gail Patrick and Judy Canova. A really fun flick and worth seeing Jack Benny in full fig - so to speak! The next would be "Take a Letter Darling" - 1942 - starring Rosalind Russell and Fred MacMurray. Rosalind plays a high power Ad executive and Fred the new secretary - very funny! Another funny film would be something I saw last night "Brewster's Millions" - 1945 - starring Dennis O'Keefe, Helen Walker and Gail Patrick - the original movie about inheritance and having to spend a million to get 7 million. Very fun movie with some great scenes! I am still plugging away at "Centennial" - 1978 - last night I got through the big cattle drive from Texas to Colorado. This is still a great piece of TV and worth seeing the 25+ hours of the settling of the west.

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Sandy said...

I am a member of the BP SAL. I'm really enjoying stitching this so far. This is my first SAL and my first Quaker design. I thought the monochromatic stitching might be boring, but it's not. Your companion piece is beautiful. Love the variations in the fabric.

Yoyo said...

Edgar, your BP companion piece is stunning. I didn't know there was a companion, can you give us it's full title so that I might search for it, please.

I hope you make it through Centennial, I thought it well worth the hours of TV time and it's fairly historically accurate, too.

DonnaTN said...

I'm also taking part in the BP SAL and would love to get the details of the companion piece. What fabric and floss and colors are you using? I love Fred MacMurray comedies. Do you know The Egg & I with Claudette Colbert?

Carolyn said...

Edgar I love your BPC and the fabric and fibers you chose are perfect. I, too, would love details!! The colors are beautiful together. :)

Brigitte said...

Your BP Companion looks gorgeous! What a wonderful match of thread colour and fabric colour.

Vonna said...

As always Edgar, I think it is the Cat's MEOW! Gorgeous and soon, I know it will all be finished up and hanging next to it's sistah!

Ruth Rachel Vendsel said...

Edgar, I just love your color choices on this --it's beautiful! I was working on my BP last evening.
I've just been reading through all your posts and may I say as always that you have so many pretty starts and finishes. I love the Valentine's pinkeep that you sent to Heather. Also... I adored Miss Pettrigrew lives for a Day! Sweet movie.