Wednesday, February 4, 2009

A Quiet evening -

Rico made tostadas last night so I was free from kitchen duty!! Woo-Hoo!!! They were really very good.... but what's up with avocados costing $1.50 a piece!! I went to have my "4 hairs" cut an stopped into Safeway on the way home - to get 2 avocados and some Rosarita refried beans (the Best) and was just blown away at how much the cost had jumped in a week. Usually we go into the Mission to a Fruit and Veg stand and avocados usually run about .50 -.75 a piece- I guess it is all the overhead and elegant surroundings at Safeway that I am paying for??? :)

I only worked on an upcoming exchange - the HOE Mailart. It is coming along very quickly
- but now I need to focus and get 'er done!!

The BBP Companion - is really a nice chart and I got it around the same time I won the BP chart off of eBay. The fabric is a piece that I got from another eBay auction - all I know is that it is splotchy and 32 ct. The silk I am using is Belle Soie - Moss - and you really can't tell from my less that adequate snaps but it is a really lovely grey/green colour and a dream to work with!!

Recently I treated myself to the Alice Faye Box set II - and it arrived yesterday
- so of course I needed to watch one of the movies.

I really loved the 1st Box set and with only seeing one of the films this will be a winner also. I started off with the oddest flick in the pack - "Four Jills in a Jeep" - 1944 - it stars Kay Francis, Martha Raye, Carol Landis and Mitzi Mayfair. Alice Faye is on screen as a guest spot for about 3 mins - go figure - they are probably milking the franchise for everything they can get - but who cares this is a charming movie and the restoration is top notch!!! It is the fictionalized story of the USO experience of the 4 stars. There are a few guest stars - including Betty Grable, Carmen Miranda, Jimmy Dorsey and band . The special features include some cute musical numbers that were cut from the film and some blooper moments. Absolutely worth seeing!!

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Chris said...

You are so right, Rosarita refried beans are the best. I recently found some at Target here in MA and I was so happy since the grocery stores don't carry it. Now if we could only get La Victoria salsas. Your BBP Companion looks great I love that color floss.

CraftyT said...

....Hmm sounds like a yummy dinner.I love rosaritas. I usually go to Mi Peublo for all of my vegs.Also its the only place I can find GOYA products. So much cheaper than at safeway which by the way is a bit on the expensive side.

A head of cauliflower was $3 at SFWay and it was only $1 at Peublo. I am going to roast it in the oven with onions garlic and olive oil MmmmMmmm good :)

Take Care

Maren said...

I know what you mean. I don't know about the cost of avocados here, but there's no way I'm paying $3 for a bell pepper! I can't wait to get my garden started again.

Off topic, but I've been seeing your exchanges on other blogs and, wow! You've sent out some really cute gifts!

Becky K in OK said...

Price increases are unreal. Last week I was able to purchase Yoplait yougurt for .50, yesterday it was .62. Guess I'll just forego my daily dose of high fructose corn syrup! I'll have to check on the Rosarita's. Not sure we have them here.
I always enjoyed the Alice Faye movies when they were on the late movie when I was a kid. They don't make movies like they used to!

Yoyo said...

You really got me laughing with your 'price of avocados' today. That's one of my pet peeves about Illinois. Avocados cost an arm and a leg and they are hard as a rock, so you can't take them home and eat them tonight. I asked our grocer and he told me "Well, they are shipped all the way from California! What do you expect?" True story. Gads I really miss living in the Bay keep telling me about Rosarita, nothing like that here, hubby had to learn how to make refried beans from scratch. But the real biggie is SF Sour Dough Bread, buying on the internet and freezing is just not the same as hot, fresh sour dough!

Your new movie set is wonderful, you ought to add popcorn to that 'coke & DVD' and enjoy them all-- I hope they are wide screen, for that big honking TV.

Creative Chaos said...

Hiya Edgar , i have tagged you ... come and take a look at my blog :-)
Patti xx

Karen's Blog said...

Hi Edgar,

I just wanted to pop in and thank you so very much for my beautiful Winter House Exchange I Just received. I just LOVE it so much and all the extras were so generous. I am a lucky girl indeed. I will post a pic in my blog as soon as I download it from my camera. Thanks again!!