Wednesday, February 11, 2009

A mid-week posting

Not too much going on - I did want to thank everyone on the nice things you had to say about my almost finish - Le Jardin - ... .and here is a question for those with a better grasp of French than me - the line on the sampler - how would you translate that?? "Chaque arbre a sa facon d'accuellir le Printemps." I think I know but thought I should ask in case my translation is way off!!

Last night the film was "Little Lord Fauntleroy" - 1995 a TV Mini series that was pretty good. I had wanted to see this version as I have seen the 1936 version a couple of times and had enjoyed it. Both versions are total family films and even when telling the same story it is interesting to see different interpretations. Monday evening the film was "The Solid Gold Cadillac" - 1956 - very entertaining Judy Holliday film and worth seeing her in action!!

I finished up my "MailArt" exchange and it is going into the mail tomorrow - and I will be on pins and needles until it arrives!!!

There you go - short and sweet!! Thanks for stopping by!
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Jill said...

Are your "pins and needles" because you are worried about mailing your stitching? It is a little scary, but I have had no trouble with them. Although, I have never sent one overseas. We'll see how this goes.
Take care,

Anna van Schurman said...

Each tree has its way of welcoming spring. Is that what you came up with?

Ja'niece said...

The google translator says this...

"Each tree has welcomed its way to Spring."

I think that's pretty accurate.

Milly~ said...

Well now we both know what it means. Had it been in Spanish then I could have helped. LOL. Nice choice in films.

Anonymous said...

I was about to write the same as Anna, but since I read the comment she left no point in doing, so I would go along her translation
Best regards