Friday, February 6, 2009

Stitching and the flickers

I worked mostly on the exchange. It seems to me sometimes that I will get over ambitious with what I am stitching - with this exchange I am having to shift things around and do some frogging when it does not fit just right - Oh well it is really turning out well I think!! I also worked on Le Jardin a bit - Here is another shrub and a bird....

Not very much at all but every little nit moves the piece forward!

Last night the movie was "Look Back in Anger" - 1958 starring Richard Burton and Claire Bloom - What an unusual film - filled with self loathing and huge amounts of anger. Burton's character, Jimmy Porter, spews forth so much heated hate filled vitriol it is amazing that the TV didn't catch fire!! Interesting and rough movie to watch.

At work we are all old film fanatics and we where talking yesterday about "What 10 Movies" could you not live without - if you where going on a trip and could only take 10 - what would they be..... to begin with I couldn't even narrow it down to 10 - so my list is ....

Edgar's 15 Movies to watch again and again!!
In no particular order......

1. - Summertime - 1955 - It is because of this wonderful movie that the first place I went in Europe was Italy and especially Venice!!
2. - The Emperor's New Grove - 2000 - I love Disney Movies and am the first in line when a new release comes out (Pinocchio is coming out really soon!) This one has it all!!
3. Marie Antoinette - 1938 - Gorgeous if unrealistic version of the Queen's life with Norma Shearer in top form - I also love the 2006 version with Kirsten Dunst.
4. Giant - 1956 - There are so many great Elizabeth Taylor films I love but I picked this one.
5.Now Voyager - 1942 - There are lots of super Bette Davis films I really love and her career was so long - she is in top form in this one.
6.Trip to Bountiful - 1985 - A lovely small film at the end of Geraldine Page's glorious career.
7.Mildred Pierce - 1945 - There are lots of great Joan Crawford films but this sums up her great career.
8. Stalag 17 - 1953 - I love WWII films and this is both a great William Holden performance set in WWII.
9. Meet Me in St Louis - 1944 - A great nostalgia film and a super Judy performance
10. Goodbye Mr Chips - 1939 - A super movie - and I needed to include a Greer Garson title- this being her first Hollywood film and a super performance.
11. White Christmas - 1954 - One of two Christmas films I can watch over and over
12. Scrooge - 1970 - The second Christmas film I could watch over and over - Not the best interpretation of the Dickens classic, but it is a great musical.
13.Dames - 1934 - One of the many super Busby Berkley confections I love.
14.Witness for the Prosecution - 1957 - A great suspense mystery film.
15.The Women - 1939 - A stupendous ensemble film from that golden year of 1939.

There you go - my top 15 - Everyone has favorite films - what would yours be??? Think about it as it is very hard to narrow down a list!

Thanks for stopping by - It's raining as I type and is supposed to all day by dry out for the weekend!!!

Take care,


stitchenmylifeaway said...

Edgar the colors for this piece are so pretty. Did you pick them or is it charted with them? You have made amazing progress with it.

Kendra said...

If I had to narrow down 10 favorite movies, I'd have to really, REALLY think on it.

I meant to comment yesterday...I have "Three Little Words" on our Tivo, all ready to watch sometime this weekend (maybe tonight since there's nothing on TV). I also caught "Gold Diggers of 1933" (another Busby Berkley) the other was the first time I'd seen it and I really enjoyed it.

Kathy said...

I would have to have The King and I, Carousel, South Pacific, Seven Brides for Seven Brothers, Disney's Lady and the Tramp and Cinderella. Then My Friend Flicka and Lassie Come Home. Gone With the Wind, Same Time Next Year, Funny Girl, White Christmas, and..... Oops, I don't think I could stop at ten either.

valerie said...

Ah, #15, The Women. I love that movie! Did you see the 2008 remake? That was enjoyable too but the classic is the best!

Nice progress on Le Jardin! Have a great weekend!

maryelizabeth said...

Hi Edgar,
I have missed seeing you at the shop. Im glad to see you are stitching stitching and stitching. It really is beautiful. I course I love to work while watching Pride and Prejudice. See you soon. Mary from NIAH

Sandy said...

In no particular order-The Sound of Music, An Affair to Remember, The Glass Bottom Boat, The Heiress, Sabrina (original or remake, doesn't matter), You've Got Mail, Jungle Book, Return to Me, A Touch of Mink and The Notebook.

Jennifer/OH said...

Thanks for the latest issue of "Majesty"! It arrived yesterday.
Have you seen this year's remake of "The Women"?

Deborah/LavenderRose said...

Dear Edgar, I'm just hooked on Bette Davis movies. I can't get enough of them though I've seen them several times. Have you seen Jezebel? Hugs, Deb

doris said...

Speaking as a movie freak, I love your movie list, but I doubt I could list only ten. This morning while I stitched I watched "Brideshead Revisited" ... quite the dysfunctional family.

Sylviane said...

Hi Edgar,
I am a stitcher from Belgium. I discovered your blog this afternoon and I was hooked !
All those wonderful stitcheries ...
I see that you love exchanges.
If you want it, I would like to make one with you.
As you, I love Quakers and pinkeeps. I have seen your quaker reindeer and I love it !
Tell me about such an exchange and we will do it !
Have a good day,
My email :
My blog :

Ruth Rachel Vendsel said...

Beautiful progress, I just love the colors on this piece~

Great movie list. I love "Giant." I have been to the town where it was filmed and ate dinner in the hotel where Elizabeth Taylor and James Dean lived during the filming; it is not far from my father's hometown in West Texas.

Susie Q said...

The original DOA...not the super cheesy remake with Meg Ryan..incredibly suspenseful!

Anonymous said...

SO lovely stitching.
Cross stitch

Berit said...

As a rule, I don't like movies (most people say, "How can that be?!"

But I do love Meet Me in St. Louis AND Scrooge! Another of my favourites that aren't on your list is "A Letter to Three Wives"--Have you seen it? Linda Darnell is just GORGEOUS in it!

Also, lately, I have been watching some of my favorite TV miniseries, the Lord Peter Wimsey series starring Ian Carmichael--Murder Must Advertise, though not the first, is the best hook to start with.