Thursday, December 11, 2008

A Thursday post - with poetry....

I just lost a big old post that I just typed – now where did that go?? Oh well – let me retype – I have been working on presents and exchanges in the stitching world and so there are no snaps of any of that just yet.

I have not mentioned any movie lately – not that I haven’t been watching anything just I haven’t brought it up. So let me digress and look back a week or so - was that a groan I heard???? – Setting the scene - I settled in to watch a real favorite movie of mine – I was even going to give commercial TV a chance knowing full well that the movie would be spattered with the blood of commercials. Well, let me tell you I had know idea what kind of a blood bath and mangled mess that Lifetime would make of the classic Holiday film – “White Christmas” – 1954 – starring Danny Kaye, Bing Crosby, Rosemary Clooney and Vera-Ellen, supported by Dean Jagger and the always wonderful Mary Wickes. Now I know this movie very well and can do the dialogue and songs along with the film so I know when something is missing, and there were whole numbers chopped out and shortened – and when they chopped out Vera-Ellen’s entire dance sequence from the "Mandy" number I changed the channel. I understand that the commercials are necessary but to the detriment of the film – I think not!!! They lengthened the time of the movie by showing 10 to 15 commercials at each break – completely ridiculous AND there was a watermark in the bottom right corner the entire time AND there were continuous pop-up ads running along the bottom of the screen – Just how much can a person take with all the crap going on and you are trying to watch a movie. When I shut that mess down – I popped in my DVD of WC and enjoyed the film completely uninterrupted!!!! As it should be – Excellent movie and I highly recommend it!! I do not recommend watching Lifetime when they try and show any sort of film as I think that showing the commercials supersedes the actual film!!!!!!

I found this on the Lifetime site from a fellow disappointed viewer.... and it says it all –

A Visit From Bing and Danny

T’was Thanksgiving weekend
And all through the house,
My best friend and I
Were pleasantly soused.

We’d made Margaritas
And knew before long,
That White Christmas would air,
And we’d sing every song.

We’d march with the Old Man,
We’d sing about Snow,
And all about Sisters
(The real kind and faux.)

But as we were watching,
We rose with a shout –
For some of the songs
Had been edited out!

If you must have commercials,
Please consider, I say –
Just cut out the patter,
And we’ll be okay -

But if you can’t broadcast
The songs A to Z,
Give Turner the rights
Or call AMC.

‘Cause coal in your stocking
Is the wages of sin
If you keep on editing
Irving Berlin.

I love this poem – just super!!!!!!!!!

Last night the flicks started off with “The Bishops Wife” – 1947 - starring Cary Grant, Loretta Young and David Niven – supported by Gladys Cooper and “The Beard” Monty Woolley. Another classic Holiday film that I highly recommend you see. This was followed by an interesting film called “A Double Life” – 1947 starring Ronald Colman and Shelley Winters – and of course Shelley plays a hard boiled working gal that is viciously murdered (but didn’t she always play the same type of corpse!!) Although Ronald Coleman was nominated 3 times for the Oscar this was the role that won him the statuette. If you like film Noir then I would recommend this film – It was very interesting if a bit predictable.

There you go a rant and some info!! Thanks for stopping by!!

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Alf N Stitches said...

Since I have been reading your blog, I started watching the channel that plays nothing but the old black and whites and I am loving them! So pure and wonderful! I forgot what good movies were all about!!! Thank you for opening my eyes! I look forward to reading your blog daily about everything! You give me my daily boost! Don't get me wrong-I am a 55 year old woman, married with 2 grown daughters that are both married and I have 2 gorgeous grandbabies. I am an accountant with an 8 to 5 job. Its just that when I read your blog it gives me a different outlook on my life and makes me want to stitch more, and enjoy my life the way you enjoy your life! You are a blessing to me and I wanted you to know!

Anna van Schurman said...

Wow. I hope you're not disappointed reading this comment after that last one!

White Christmas is my younger niece's favorite movie, you know, the one who doesn't talk? She is so adorable and knows all the songs. How do we know? She occasionally will sing a word right on cue. We watched this together last week and Sissy and I did the sisters routine. But I have to brush up on my lyrics!

Sherry said...

Hi Edgar,

You've been really busy while I've been MIA. I had a staph infection and was even in the hospital for awhile. I've missed everyone so much. I had a few minutes to pop in and wanted to say hello to you. Sherry

Jan said...

I just watched The Bishop's Wife the other day. I love this movie! I never miss it when they show it. I also like to catch White Christmas. Have you watched the Thin Man. Even though it's a mystery, it is set around Christmas and Nick and Nora do some wacky stuff.

Srinity said...

That's bad that they cut off parts of the movie for commercials. The channels we see in Finland most show commercials but still show the whole movie. But anyway, when the commercial break comes it takes you away from the wonderfull world of the movie and so takes some magic away. I prefer DVD's too. :)

Lisa said...

I've even taken to buying tv shows on DVD to avoid the channel ID in the corner - to me that's the most annoying! I need to stock up. ;)

BW said...

I have to agree with you on this! I LOVE White Christmas and watch it every year at Christmas time (and often other times too LOL). I absolutely hate it when channels cut a movie "to fit in the time frame allowed". It really gets my goat. I just stick with rentals and non-commercial movie channels now. TCM is one of my best friends. :)