Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Not much going on -

I can't believe I just wrote that!! It is super busy and with Christmas looming on the horizon - it will just get busier and busier!! Last night we went "mall" shopping - now malls are not my favorite places to go but sometimes they are the only place to get the stuff you need to get. I had to go by Lupicia and pick up some more tea - they were out of White Christmas - more coming in on Friday - but they did have in a shipment of Jingle Bells so I picked up a pack of that. Then it was off to Macy's and I finished up shopping for my Mom and my Niece. On the way out we stopped into Borders and they were having their open house for the Holiday's - so there was a costumed Desparaux (sp) and a Bell Choir playing so it was pretty nice - since I didn't bring my camera I haven't a snap at all of any of that - which is to bad as it was pretty cute!!

I worked on an exchange last night after we got home so no snap of that - but let me put up a snap from Golden Gate Park from a couple of weeks ago -

I think it is a really nice statue of what I presume to be a St Francis -
found in the Arboretum in a secluded area.

The day before Tirillium asked about the red triangle tree chart - it is the "Un Natale da Ricamare" - an annual publication that includes Itallian and American designers stitching Christmas ornaments - the cover shows the different etui's that are included in the book.

Thank you all for the nice comments yesterday!!!
Thank you once again for stopping by!!
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Sherry said...

Yes, that is St. Francis and he is my very favorite patron saint since he is patron saint to small woodland animals and birds! I wanted to name my youngest ds Francis but figured he would hate me forever if I did! LOL

Vonna said...

You are correct sir, that shall be St. Francis, and seems as if Sherry is up on her Saints :)
He was a wonderful man, cared for all man and creature alike - he also was a hermit and lived in a cave.


Carol R said...

A lovely statue of St Francis!