Tuesday, December 16, 2008

I am back on-line!!!!

The Internet was just not very good to me yesterday as it kept blacking out -
but here I am today -
We are having a few days of terrific storms - rain, hail and wind - just winter here in the Bay area - so the forecasters were spot on this time!! They are even reporting black ice and some snow at the lower elevations in and around the city this morning.

It was very busy this weekend - lets start off with the stitchy report ...
I was a finishing fool so to speak - I finished off the Reindeer ornament -

Instead of using the silk cord that I usually use I had some very thin leather braid that I wrapped this sucker in and used some red pins - I really like how well he turned out!! I also finished up a present for some dear friends that I will be seeing at my mothers house on Christmas -

This is a freebie from The Sampler Girl called Irish Blessing. I have wanted to stitch this up for a long time and now had a reason. I used a loose piece of 32 ct linen and WDW floss. I also finished up the Cardinal piece for a present -

I really am very pleased with the way he turned out - I may stitch this for us at some point!! Also I finished up an exchange I am sending out this morning a bit early, I finished up Joan's Ornament for that exchange and that will go into the mail this morning - I wanted to get it to her before the weekend and I think I have a running chance!! The ABC SAL - I completed the first part and really like how the silks look together - here is a snap -

The ABC SAL has just started so if you are interested go check out the site - there is also a really lovely freebie NOEL chart at the top to download for stitching. I am using Belle Soie Silks called Plush Plum and Teddy Bear - (Rico and Dale both thought I was using brown and brown - is it that brown - do you think??)

We did the Estate sale thing on Saturday morning and I found my holy grail for the kitchen - a 3 inch deep Griswold iron skillet -


I have chased so many of these pans on eBay and just get blow out of the water at the price - so when I stumbled ont to this I snapped it up. It is improperly seasoned and there was some sort of burned on black stuff - that I have gotten off the inside - so I only have to clean it up and reseason and voila and great chicken frying pan!!! I also picked up a great linen table cloth and this beautiful leather and gold embossed book -

It was a very good sale !!
I will leave you with some snaps of different ornaments from our tree -

and under our tree sits......

and a final shot....

This also shows one of the ornaments that my grandmother made for her tree - one of her special "jewel balls" - I have a handful of them to hang on the tree each year to remember her lovely Christmas decorations.

That's about it for today - thanks for stopping by!!!
Take care,


Margie said...

I love all your ornaments. I had a huge list of what I wanted to stitch this year and I haven't started one. :-)

Anna van Schurman said...

Lovely ornaments as usual. I really like your tree.

Wendy said...

Oh Edgar.. I love it when you have a snappy post!!! Beautiful pieces.. yes, the plum does look kind of dark brown in snaps, but I'm sure it has a nuance in person, yes? Regardless, it is looking beautiful together.

Love the tree ornies, too. Love the stacked Santas. heh.

Carol R said...

Wow Edgar - long post - where do I start? At the top I think!

I wondered where you had got to yesterday - keep warm and safe from those storms. I had no phone/internet connection on Sunday and very sporadic on Saturday. What did we do before technology arrived?

I love all your finishes and your start of ABC SAL - I click on the picture and it's definitely plum and gold! I am tempted to start this too but my Christmas stitching is all done and I want to work on Hannah Beeby before I need to stitch an ornie for the 2009 Challenge.

Great buys from the estate sale. Maybe one day you will find a beautiful sampler at one.

Lovely tree pics - love the 'Peaches' ornie!

Missy Ann said...

Oooo score on the pan! I squealed like a little girl when I got some antique corn muffin pans. I *heart* auctions & estate sales.

Brigitte said...

Ohhh, you finished some very beautiful pieces. Particularly the cardinal looks gorgeous - whta a wonderful bird.

I love that leatherbound book you found at the estate sale. Those old books are to die for ...

Margaret said...

Oh Edgar! Nothing, absolutely nothing, beats a Griswold cast iron skillet! I have two of my grandmothers and a few more I lucked up on - adore them! Coat that sucker up with Crisco and toss it in a hot oven for a while, wipe it down and you'll have a treasure! Christmas in Florida (at least NE FL) looks like it'll be mild and rainy. I'm hoping it's just too far out yet to hit it on the head - I want to wear some pretty fuzzy sweaters and have a fire for Christmas!

Lisa said...

Wonderful stitching! I love your ABC piece the colors you chose are gorgeous!

gazette94 said...

Hello Edgar ,

Thank you very much for your message on my blog ,what a good surprise ! I love your version of the ABC, very different from the soft pastel colors I have allready seen , and I think it will be superbe!
Do you accept I copy the picture for my blog and the album ?
The part 2 will be on the blog, the 4 th of january, after the Christmas and new year time !
I have been on your blog few time before and I think you are very talented.
Claire (gazette94)
(please escuse my basic english)

Vonna said...

My goodness Edgar...look at all this stitchy lovliness!!! I'm just blown away. I totally LOVE that cardinal!
Your tree reminds me of my own, I have ornaments from my Granny and some of my Mama's mixed in our tree...makes it very special doesn't it?!

Sherry said...

Love your ornaments and that frying pan is super! The book is beautiful too!

staci said...

Wonderful finishes Edgar! And congrats on finding the pan and that gorgeous book!

Isn't that what makes Christmas trees so great~~the assortment of ornaments and the memories they bring :)

Lisa said...

Love the ornaments (I remember making those same types of Christmas balls with my Grandmother) and I love the ABC SAL - I need to start that one! And I especially loved the last Chihauhua ornie-too cute!

Cindy F. said...

love the ornies...especially your grandmother's.
estate sales are so fun and you really did score with your pan!!
Great pics!