Friday, December 12, 2008

It's Friday and a Storm is a'coming

We have been hearing all week long here in the City by the Bay about this gigantic winter storm that is on its way..... with freezing weather and rain that may turn to snow on Sunday...... well - if it is anything like the last "Major Storm" they predicted a few weeks ago - I'll not hold my breath waiting!!!! That last storm was such a bust - and by the time of "the great fizzle" you would have thought it was going to be armageddon or something instead it was like an "old kazoo and a couple of sparklers!!!" This time might be a bit more - but by the way the weather persons drone on and on about it you would think that they had never even heard of a storm in the winter - For Northern California this is the stormy season and we should have rain and wind a' plenty from now on until the spring - but for the past few years we have precious little in the way of rain or storms. - I'll just be waiting and watching.........

Last night I was stitching up on an upcoming exchange - that I think will be really pretty - I am using a gorgeous shade of Belle Soie (you know what a nut I am about that stuff) and the linen is one of my favorites - that is not blotchy (can you believe it!!) Will have a snap on a future post.

I also got the last box in the UPS pile this morning to my Mom's - I wanted to get everything there next week - and think there will no problem at all since the UPS guy told us that they are not as busy as they should be so everything is getting where it should be just fine. In fact at the Post Office yesterday I was talking to Michelle ( a postal person I have been dealing with for the past 5 or 6 years) and she said she has seen a dramatic drop in the amount of mail coming into the station - In past years it was a real job just to keep up with the mail coming in and this year they are having no problem and everything is moving along without problems - very telling!!!!

Yesterday's comments were such a boost - thank you all so much - Alf - what a nice thing to write!!! - Dear Anna it is always nice to hear form you! - Sherry I am glad that you are feeling better! - Jan - I just love the Thin Man Series of Films - Nick and Nora are just super characters and Myrna Loy is one of my all time favorite actress' and I love her in just about everything she ever did!! - Srinity - I would be fine with the commercials showing as I do realize that somebody needs to pay - it is the cutting that I object to - Finland has the answer though - show the entire movie!! - Lisa - I have done the same thing with shows I really like - I just get the DVD sets, just sometime they really take a long time to get the episodes out onto DVD. - BW - I totally agree that is why TCM is my favorite movie channel - it used to be AMC but they have gone the route of commercials breaking into the movies.

Thank you all nce again for stopping by!!! Stay Dry!!

Take care,


Marian said...

Well, Edgar, we were warned Wednesday that it was going to snow here that night. Sure. And pigs fly. Sure enough, we woke up Thursday to 4" of snow. Today it's gone except for a few patches. And it's supposed to be in the 70's by Sunday. Every now and then the weather guys cry "wolf" and he comes out to play!

DaisyGirl said...

I'd love to have some snow! We hardly ever get snow. I remember when I was little and lived in Washington DC we'd have snow and then we'd get to go sledding! Woshh....... Down the hill! I'd ride on Momma's back with my baby sis! So much fun and wonderful memories.

Wendy said...

Our newscasters are hilarious when predicting storms. You would think the world is going to stop because we are going to get (gasp) 4 inches of snow. Which is nothing, cause after all we do live in Canada. Hubby and I get a good chuckle over it.

valerie said...

Well, for once, the newscaster was right! Rain, Hail, Thunder and Lightning. A good ol' fashioned rainstorm. It was great, wasn't it?!