Wednesday, December 17, 2008

One week away....

....and it will be Christmas Eve - can you believe it!!!! I look around and think everything that will get done has gotten done as basically I am out of time - I look to this Friday when a Super Shuttle will pick me up at 3:45 AM (you read that right AM) for my 5:55 AM flight to Florida!!!! That will be a drudge day I just know it and that layover waiting in Atlanta will certainly suck!!!! But I wear a smile as my umbrella!!!!! Tra-La!!!

It will be nice to see everyone and eat some decent Barbecue!!!!! I get in around 5:30 PM and my Mom is picking me up and she doesn't know it yet but on the way home we are stopping and getting us some!!!! Yummy!!!!!!!

I have been doing some work on the SBBC Blog and have removed those members form 2008 that are not going on into 2009 and sent out new invitations to those that joining 2009 - If you were removed by accident or did not receive the invite just let me know - thanks!! It is a very easy thing to add and send out invitations.

Short today - as not too much is going on - thanks for all the nice things you all said in the comments yesterday!!

Thanks for stopping by!!

take care,


Carol R said...

Have a great trip Edgar - wish I could be in Florida for the holiday too.

Sherry said...

Have a wonderful trip! Nothing like southern BBQ! We have some tasty BBQ here but every time I go to see my folks, they take me out to get some of the BBQ I loved as I was growing up!

Check out the new give a way on my blog before you leave!

Margaret said...

Hi Edgar, thanks for the Christmas Card. I hope you enjoy your Christmas in Florida

BW said...

Wishing you a safe journey for the holidays!

Hannah said...

Hope you enjoy your trip! Be sure to pack your shorts. It was over 80 degrees here and sooooooo muggy and humid!