Tuesday, November 4, 2008

An Ornament, some stitching, the movies and a baby

In yesterdays mail another lovely treasure arrived for our Tree - it was from Carolyn -

This is from this years JCS Ornament Issue - called "Norwegian Reindeer." The lovely red it is stitched in is DMC 902 - I just love it!!!! Thank you so much Carolyn!!!!! Feel better soon!!!!

Last night I worked some on an exchange and on VoHRH
- here is a snap of the progress on the Run -

Now that the words are finished and the little people are done I will move on to the center garden area - I probably wont get back to this for a while as I will most likely be at my exchanges for a good while..... Now - here is a queation - what do you think about the spacing on the word middle? There is an extra space there on the pattern and the model is stitched that way.... should I leave it or pull out the "MI" and shift it over???

Last night began the month long tribute on TCM to Charles Laughton - 1899-1962 - one of the finest actors of the 20th century. They started off with 4 really great bio-pic type movies - beginning with "Rembrandt" - 1936 - Wonderful bio-pic that along with Laughton starred that fine stage actress Gertrude Lawrence and Laughton's wife Elsa Lanchester. This was followed by "The Barretts of Wimploe Street" -1934 costarring lovely Norma Shearer as Elizabeth barrtt-Browning. Then it was on to Laughton's Academy Award winning performance in "The Private Life of Henry the VIII" - 1933 - costarring again with Elsa Lanchester as Anne of Cleves and a smallish part for Merle Oberon as Anne Boleyn. The evening ended with Laughton playing Henry VII again in "Young Bess" - 1953 starring Jean Simmons as Elizabeth and Stewart Granger as Thomas Seymour. All fine flicks with their own take on history and all very watchable.

Let me introduce you to Miss Addison Grace -

She joins sisters - Riley, Trinity and Avery and proud parents David and Paula
- what a darling baby - Congratulations!!!!!!!

I had a question from Gail over at Needlework Nut - about pictures I have - and did I have an album of finishes..... You know I never thought about it - I don't have one - and really don't know how to go about setting one up.... any suggestions out there????

I know I am pretty slack but I do try and answer questions - :)

Thanks for stopping by!!!

Take care,


CraftyT said...

First I have to say what a beautiful littel girl.

I think the word middle looks just fine. And the whole stitched piece is coming along nicley.

As for a finishing album. I have been using WEBSHOTS. I have all of my finishes and wish list in there and it is free to sign up.

Take Care

Starry-eyed stitcher said...

I can't help you with the finishing album, I am just a beginning blogger and know nothing!!
Absolutely beautiful baby, the parents must be so proud, lovely name too.
I would move the M and I. If you are questioning it already, it will drive you crazy as you work on.

Anonymous said...

A lovely ornament from Carolyn! That's on my "to-stitch" list for someday.

I think I would move the MI one stitch closer to the rest of the word, to make the spacing consistent.

Photobucket is a good free site for photos and includes code for adding pictures to your blog or to BBs.

Carol R said...

Lovely ornament from Carolyn - DMC 902 is such a gorgeous shade of red!

If the M & I are bugging you now I would move it - it will bug you worse when it's finished and up on the wall! I have a stitch missing off an H in a framed sampler. It was ok until I noticed it and now my eyes are drawn to it every time I look at the sampler!

Addison - lovely name - beautiful little girl - congrats to the parents.

I use Photobucket for adding stuff to my blog but have no online album yet!

J Rae said...

I think the "MI" looks fine. I wouldn't have noticed there was extra spacing there if you hadn't mentioned it.

You received a great ornament!

What a beautiful baby!

As for the album...if you are talking about an online album. Can't help you there.

Cindy F. said...

I would move the M I. It would make me nutty and this looks like designer's error. Like starry-eyed said, if you're questioning it, you should move it. But,,,,it looks fine and a non-stitcher probably would never notice! It's gorgeous either way! (move only if it bugs you!)
Addison is such a pretty baby! Congrats to her parents:)
I've seen a few albums of stitches.
Scrapbooking is another fun world to enter into. I'm an addict! You arrange your photos of your stitchings (or whatever you want) or small samples of stitches in a scrapbook and you can add all kinds of wonderful
embellishments....or keep it simple with pretty papers!
You could make one for exchanges, one for RRs, one for PIFs....or put them in one. You should visit a scrapbook store..as creative as you are, you'll have no trouble getting started! Just have fun with it like you do your stitching:) Have a great week!
Cindy F./TX

anniebeez said...

I think you should leave it as charted, every single space does not have to be filled, the eye needs a rest sometimes. JMHO~AnniemmP.S.~I enjoy your blog!

Diane said...

I would "fatten up" the second hump of the M by one stitch and move the I over a stitch closer to the Ds.

Jill said...

Being the typesetter that I am, I say to move the MI over. Good Luck!

road less traveled said...

I would try creating an album on flicker or Google's picassa. Both are pretty easy to add photos to and its possible to share with anyone.

You do beautiful work keep stitching :-)

cheeto said...

Addison is beautiful- she must have some happy parents!

I'd move the MI, just because it would bug me.

I second the Picasa idea - the desktop version lets you organize your photos on your computer and makes it really easy to upload to Blogger or your online Picasa album.

Shelleen said...

I had to laugh when I read your title. I thought oh my Edgar gad a baby lol.

DaisyGirl said...

What a sweet baby! So tiny! It kinda makes me want one! Nah!!!!!
I wouldn't have time for stitching!

Irene said...

Nice ornament. Congratulations to the parents, beautiful baby. I use webshots, but I'm sure you can try them all and decide which one you prefer. As for the "MI" maybe try adding a little bit more grass or a charm to the spot.

Hazel said...

Great stitching and even greater babe! xx

Ja'niece said...

VoHRH is coming along very nicely. I too would like to see a “finishes” photo album of your work. I have a Flickr! Photo account through Yahoo and it’s free. Ahhh… very sweet little girl there. When I read the post I thought that you and Rico had adopted her {grin}. Gives one pause for thought now doesn’t it.

I just heard from another on-line friend from Pleasanton that Proposition 8 passed. I’m so sorry to hear that. But look on the bright side it could be overturned on a legal technicality so don’t give up hope!


Cathy B said...

Carolyn's ornament is wonderful!