Tuesday, November 11, 2008

A lovely Gift arrives - stitching and movies

Yesterday the mail brought me a couple of things. First and foremost a wonderful gift from a dear friend in New Zealand - Margaret - she has been reading my ramblings for quite a while and we have emailed back and forth - you do meet the nicest people on the Internet - I have met so many nice people and made quite a few Friends through this medium - Well - a week or so back Margret asks to get my snail mail and yesterday a package arrives - I thought is was an exchange as I am in quite a few right now - but I open that sucker up and out pops some wonderful goodies....

Some chocolate - super dark, some tea - really black - a darling tea scoop - a really cute a chart- Quakerish AND if all that wasn't overwhelming enough - Margaret also included an exquisitely stitched ornament!!!! Now - I ask you - wasn't that just the sweetest thing to do?? Thank you so much Margaret!!! Hare is a close up of the stitched ornie -

These darling mittens are stitched with such tiny stitches and decorated with beads - the finishing is exquisite - although they are just lovely - hanging here off the loper on my secretary they are not shown off as well as they will on a tree. I just can't wait to put up the tree this year!!!!! I have the "Christmas Carol" movies in readiness for the two evenings it will take to get that sucker up - The first night to get the lights on and curse the tree out for being crooked and the second to get the ornaments on and again curse the tree out for being crooked - its an old holiday ritual but it works for me and drives Rico batty ..... and causes his running screaming into the night!!!! Happy Christmas - you all!!!!

I also finished up another exchange and started on a Christmas present
- since I am almost 93 1/3 % sure that they do not read this blog I will post a snap of the start -

It isn't that exciting but I really am stitching away in the evenings.
I bet you can't guess what chart this is that I am using...... :)

The movies last night were really watchable - starting off with - "They All Kissed the Bride" - 1942 - Starring Joan Crawford (on loan from MGM) and Melvyn Douglas - a funny film and worth watching for the Jitter Bug that Joan does about half way through the flick. This was followed up with "I Found Stella Parrish" - 1935 - starring Kay Francis in a true movie soap opera - basically the movie is about how your past will always catch up with you and bite you on the butt!! Both really watchable films and worth a look if you get the chance.

Thank you again Margaret - you made my day!!!
Thank you all for stopping by and for all the nice things everyone said in yesterday comments,
I really appreciate them!!! - and Kathryn,
I also love the french cruller things from Happy Donut and stop there almost every morning on the way in to the salt mine for a cup of coffee and a donut!!!

Take care,


Sherry said...

what a sweet package for her to send! I know you were thrilled with it! The ornament is adorable!

staci said...

What a lovely surprise! Those mittens are exquisite! And how cute is that little tea scoop???

Carol R said...

How sweet of Margaret to send such a perfect gift!

karen said...

what a great package! those mittens are adorable!

i know what you mean about the crooked tree! LOL my dad always had "issues" with our tree when i was growing up. he turned to fishing line to keep it straight. LOL

Wendy said...

Oh my goodness, those mittens are adorable! Beautiful work... and such a sweet gift!!!

Irene said...

What a sweet package and the mittens are exquisite !

DaisyGirl said...

What a great bundle of goodies! The pynkeep you made is beautiful! I can't wait to put the tree up myself! I do have to wait until Thanksgiving is over!

Becky K in OK said...

I've had the great excitement of receiving two exchanges from Margaret. She's wonderful and so are her stitched pieces. Love the mittens.