Monday, November 10, 2008

Exchange arrives, Antique show and some Deliciousness

I heard from Goldie that the Pyn-keepe I made her for the SBEBB Harvest Time exchange arrived safely - Here is a snap -

I used PS "Thanksgiving Comes Again" the four square chart from the back. Using 32 ct LL Vintage Ex and the charted DMC floss. It is pattern I have wanted to stitch up for the longest time and really like lots!!! I am so glad that she likes it - enjoy Goldie!!!! The fall is favorite time of the year and I think that this epitomizes everything about leaves turning, getting in the bounty from the land and making ready for the winter.

We went to the Hillsborough Antique show in San Meteo yesterday - there was some really lovely things. These shows happen 3 times a year. I haven't been to one in a couple of years. If I only had a ton of money what I wouldn't buy...... I didn't get a single thing - not a piece of china nor a bit of silver - which is very unusual as I can usually find something..... there were a couple of plates and a gorgeous dark blue transfer ware tea-pot...but I was strong and resisted!
.....and there is always February!!

We also eventually found and made a stop at Dynamo Donuts and Coffee - and let me tell you - just fantastic!!! I had read a review of them last week and on Saturday I was determined to find them. They are located on the left side of the street - look for the green awning or you'll miss it... like we did!

We got some to go and they come in a paper box - this little bird is one I picked up a Joannes fabrics from the fall sale stuff - 75% off so he was only $2!! How could I pass it up??? Back to the donuts - then you open that box and find -

Four - one of each kind they made for Saturday - l to r Vanilla Bean with Vanilla glaze, Chocolate with Anise glaze, Chocolate chip with chocolate glaze and last but far from least Pistachio with a lemon glaze. Let me tell you they are a bit more expensive than say Krispy Kreme (the best raised donuts on the planet) as these are cakey - but they are super duper good!!!!! They serve Stumptown Coffee - the best coffee on the planet - just ask my sister!! Worth the trip - hard to find any parking as they are located in the outer Mission, but if you get the chance make the effort - We certainly will again!!!

The stitching this weekend was all for exchanges still so I will post the snaps as the exchanges arrive in new homes - For the movies this weekend I will draw attention to a single flick - "Five Came Back" -1939 - starring Lucille Ball, Chester Morris and John Carradine. An excellent film from RKO Studios. The plot is simple. Morris and co-pilot Kent Taylor are flying a small passenger airline over South America and are forced down in the middle of a rain forest. Some patch work repairs are done. But the plane won't get off the ground with a full load. Some choices have to be made. With native headhunters all around and them having killed a couple of the passengers already, time is critical. Who will survive and who will be left behind. A short film at 75 mins and remade later on under the title "Back from Eternity" -1956. Worth a view if you get the chance.

Hope everyone had a great weekend!! Thanks for stopping by!

Take care,


CraftyT said...

They look tasty. I will have to search out this place once I move back.

The pyn keep is darling. Great job Edgar.

Carol R said...

I saw your pinkeep on Goldie's blog - it's so beautiful!

Those donuts made my mouth water! Now which one shall I have? Hard choice - a moment on the lips - lifetime on the hips! Guess I had better pass :o(

Kathryn said...

Lovely, lovely pinkeep. I like fall motifs also.

I've sent my husband the info on Dynamo Donuts. He prefers cakey ones, as long as they aren't too sweet. He's driving to SF tomorrow for a week, but I'm staying in Nevada. Me? I love Happy Donuts french crullers.

Melissa said...

Gorgeous Pinkeep! I've been seeing lots of PS charts & stitching lately which have made me want to stash up again! The doughnuts are a nice reward for all your hard work stitching, isn't it? :-)

Irene said...

Nice pinkeep. Those donuts look so delicious !!

karen said...

gorgeous pinkeep! Fall is my favorite season too! unfortunately we don't really have fall here in Phoenix so i love stitching it or seeing everyone's beautiful pics of the leaves changing. I can "smell" fall when i see those pics (i grew up in NJ).
those donuts, OMG they look soooo yummy!

Elanor said...

This pinkeep is wonderful!

Lucy said...

Love the pinkeep...saw it on the exchange site. I like the way you placed the pins around it.

Jennifer/OH said...

Those dounuts are sending me into sugar-shock!!! My kingdom for a lemon filled with powdered sugar on top.
Love the PS Aumtumn theme. This is my favorite time of year too. A tinge of holiday spirit without all the rush, expense and anxiety.

Lennu said...

What a wonderful pinkeep it is! Such a lovely design.

staci said...

Very pretty pinkeep. And those donuts, Yummo!