Monday, November 3, 2008

A busy weekend

This weekend was super busy - with house guests coming and going starting Friday and not completely leaving until late Sunday morning - We had a great time at Dale's Halloween party that was just packed with party people in a variety of costumes. Since I do not go in costume - I am always amazed at some of the outrageous get ups that are worn. I had on one of my ECU sweatshirts and was thought to be a college student - but I wore it only to keep warm.

The only stitching done was for myself - I received Praiseworthy Stitches "A Little Quaker" in Friday's mail and just had to stitch that sucker up - here is the result -

I made myself an ornament!! I never make any little things for me - but I did this time. I shifted the colours to be a little more Christmasy and stitched it on Silkwaevers - Days Gone By - 32 ct. This worked up super quick and will be really nice on the tree.

I also worked on VoHRH - just some of the words a little -

I still do not know why but I am not really liking this square???? I think it is the weakest visually and not that interesting - and if I was a bit more creative I would drop it altogether and stitch something else - but I am sticking to the design and will push forward.

I also finished up some upcoming exchange pieces
- so I am just a tad ahead of the game.... woo hoo!!!!!

I didn't get to that many flicks - but did see one worth mentioning. "Dangerous Beauty" - 1998 another film based in historical fact - picture it 16th century Venice - Old family, no cash, drunk father - what's a girl to do??? Turn to being a courtesan to survive with the help of her mother and become a hero to your city in its time of need. A really beautiful film and a faithful adaptation of Margaret Rosenthal's book the Honest Courtesan ... about the courtesan Veronica Franco - very adult in spots - starring Catherine McCormack and Rufus Sewell.
Well worth a viewing.

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Julianne said...


Your little ornament is great! I'm so happy that you were able to make something for yourself. It's a beauty.

Anonymous said...

What a lovely ornament!

Anna van Schurman said...

Hey, I know Prof Rosenthal. The coolest thing of all is that she wrote an academic history and got it made into a movie. Now if only I could interest someone in my dissertation... ;)

Great ornie!

Carol R said...

Sounds like a fun weekend Edgar and you had time to stitch too. I love 'A Little Quaker' - its about time you stitched something for yourself. I don't own one Christmas ornament that I have stitched for myself so maybe I should take time out for one too?

Jennifer/OH said...

Love the ornament. I'm in desperate need of some "selfish stitching" right now.

Irene said...

Wonderful ornament !

BeckySC said...

Edgar, your Quaker piece is lovely :) Congratulations!

Kielrain said...

Your ornie is sweet! Good for you making one for yourself.

And that is a good movie, one I enjoy.

Becky K in OK said...

Your ornament is just great. Glad you made yourself something.

Amy said...

Whew, I ALMOST stitched that Praiseworthy Quaker design for your ornament... so glad I didn't now! ;-) I thought you'd like it, I guess I was right! ;-) It looks great!

DaisyGirl said...

Wow, your ornie looks great! I can't get over how quickly you stitched and then put it together! Go Edgar!

Ruth Rachel Vendsel said...

Edgar, this is such a pretty ornamnet! I love that fabric and the way you finished it. You've been receiving lots of pretty ornies too, it's been fun to see.

Teri said...

I love the little Quaker ornament and the adaptations you made. Congratulations on such a pretty finish for yourself!