Wednesday, November 12, 2008

It's Hump Day - and I can see the weekend

It'll be a short no snaps kind of post today - I stitched on exchanges last night after packing up a bunch of things that have to be mailed today - The HOE Christmas ornament, The ornament exchange for Carolyn, the Smalls Exchange piece for Naomi and a bunch of Swap-Bot obligations. It's a bag full of fun flowing out into the world.

The movies last night were WWII themed as it was Veterans Day - and TCM showed a really good one called "Hollywood Canteen" - 1944. The movie is about a fictionalized visit of a wounded soldier to the Hollywood Canteen who is obsessed with Joan Leslie (today we would call it stalking). You get to see lots of stars and lots of entertainment. I have always enjoyed this flick not because it portrays anything real - its just a nice movie. This was followed up by "Stage Door Canteen" - 1943. I only saw about 45 mins of this an promptly fell into a coma. I eventually lapsed out of that coma and the movie was over and it was way to late to be up so I trotted off to bed. A pretty exciting evening living on the edge like that!!! The second Canteen movie - what I saw of it- seemed pretty good and when it comes on again I will try and watch it.

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Carol R said...

Don't you just hate getting into a movie and the waking up to find you've missed the end?

Laura said...

Your posts make me want to watch TCM movies and cross-stitch! I have Now Voyager on DVD; maybe I will watch that tonight and cross-stitch!!!!

DaisyGirl said...

I love that...fell into a coma! How funny! I guess that's one not to watch! haha

Artystitches said...

Hi Edgar, i left a post on the exchange blog for you but just in case you dont see it, i am late with posting my exchange for smalls exchange as my son has been poorly (he is 6 months) and have been rushing to get our company accounts finished for our year end deadline so have not had much time for stitching and behind with all my exchanges, i will keep you post as hopfully i will have the accounts finished by the weekend then it will down to some serious stitching.