Thursday, November 13, 2008

A couple of films and a SAL

Last night was educational film evening - as my Netflix queue spat forth a couple of really good films. First up was the Portrait of an Artist: Donatello - The First Modern Sculptor - 1986. I really enjoyed this film. Here is a gorgeous piece by Donatello -

Cavalcanti Annunciation, Santa Croce, Florence

It ties to a book I am almost finished reading right now called "Dark Water" by Robert Clark. The book is about the devastating flooding of Florence in November of 1966 - an excellent book that just came out that sets the scene historically and moves through the decades after the floods and all the work that was done and is still being done and not done for all the destruction of paintings, sculpture, books etc.... it is amazing to think that almost 50 years since the flooding of the Arno river there are still dealing with the mess.

The second film was from The American Experience on PBS - an excellent series that I would highly recommend!! The film last night was from season 10 show #3 - "A Midwifes Tale" 1998 - from the Pulitzer prize winning book of the same name by Laurel Ulrich. An excellent book and an excellent film based on the 18th century diary of Martha Ballard. This midwife delivered over 1000 babies and never lost a mother. Set in rural Maine and covers over thirty years of Martha's life in post colonial America.

Still stitching away on exchanges and a Christmas gift - I was wondering if anyone was going to do the SAL found here. Scroll down to 11/5 - It looks really nice and I am very tempted - and I have a great piece of linen and a couple of HDF spools of silk just burning to be used...... It is going to be over eight installments so it won't be that gigantic a commitment.
Let me know what you think.

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Margie said...

I saw that SAL myself and have thought about it a great lenght. It's very cool looking :-) But I don't need another BAP when I have so many crying out for my attention. I'll just watch everyone else have fun.

Hazel said...

Eeek I missed that SAL. I thought people were meaning the fat santas and elves advent things. Oh oh oh that is a cool SAL. Big sigh! Decisions decisions.

Irene said...

I was going to get the patterns and just do the motifs in the design.

Sabine R said...

Edgar, as much as I usually enjoy reading your blog and admiring your stitching, I really have to put in a complaint now ;-). I was born in 1966 and I've only just managed to come to terms with the fact that I'm no longer 30-odd but 40-ish instead. And now you are telling me I'm nearly 50??? *sob*
But the SAL is lovely! I quite fancy the red one...
Happy stitching,
Sabine :o)

DonnaTN said...

I love "A Midwife's Tale." I found the book in the gift shop at Jamestown Settlement in VA, just last month. Can't wait to read it!

Chris said...

I like that design thank you for posting the link. I may not stitch the entire thing but I know I will stitch the squirrel and reindeer motifs.

Creative Chaos said...

Hi Edgar ,
yeah,i am back in blogland :-)
That SAL looks really tempting, but i think i will have a hard time to decide abouth fabric and floss ..
Patti xx

Jennifer/OH said...

Have to go check out that SAL. Never been part of one before. My wierd old computer seems to not be updating my blog list when there is a new post, so I've missed a few from you lately. Glad to see there's another American who knows Donatello is not just a Ninja Turtle!

Quirky said...

I reckon you could do it standing on your head with being over 8 months...go for it Edgar!

Western Australia

Debbie said...

This is my first comment; LOVE your blog! Your work is beautiful and I love your movie "reviews". I have become entranced with AMC and TCM...wanted to recommend the book called the "Birth House" by Ami McKay. Read it this summer and it was really good. Thanks for sharing with us.

Margaret said...

Edgar, thanks for the link to that SAL. I doubt I can take on any more committments since I'm fighting calcific tendenitis in my shoulders and surgery looms. But I will probably sign up so I can get the charts. it looks fabulous.