Monday, August 6, 2018

A Little Stitchin' Finish

Gentle Friends, over the weekend I finished up "Apostles Creed."  Here's a snap...

Heartstring Samplery "Apostles Creed"
July 5 - August 3, 2018
40 ct Vintage Exampler
Mostly the Called for Overdyed Floss

I really enjoyed this stitch and as you may remember I clipped the bands and rearrange them to fit.  I also went back and backstitched the angles wings with a little shiny golden floss and like the way it worked, thanks for the suggestion.

My next stitch is sort of ready to go.  I had decided on my next project then changed my mind.  I didn't have all the silk I needed so I had to order a few skeins...  now I'm waiting for them to arrive.  While I'm waiting to start a new stitch I hauled out a WIP and worked on that ... I'll post a snap of that later on.

I was wondering if anyone else is having an issue with Blog Comments.  It seems that my replies are either bouncing back and just not moving forward or I'm unable to even answer them....  is something going on that I'm not aware of???  Any suggestions as to a fix??

That's about it for today sports fans, thanks for stopping by do stop again!!

Take care,


  1. Great finish, I knew the backstitching on the wings would work. They now stand out. I have a "while waiting " piece I work on, it's Jardin Prive's Sampler aux chats. I pull it out whenever I am waiting on floss or just can't decide what to do next. It is almost finished. I like its because it is one color floss. Long Dog Sampler has one called Bristol Fashion I have my eye on for the next " while I am waiting" piece. One color floss and I have a lot, I mean a lot of DMC ecru ( I do not know why either). I can just pick out dark fabric and as they say " Bob's your Uncle".

  2. Congrats on a big finish, Edgar! It's wonderful! Hope your blog comment issues are soon fixed. I know there have been problems lately.

  3. In one month? How you do do-it....It is so
    lovely and a tribute to your speed and skill,
    particularly in adapting. Many thanks for sharing.

  4. Beautiful finish Edgar, the colours are stunning against that lovely fabric. I'm looking forward to seeing which WIP you pick up again.
    If you look at Serendipitous Stitching blog she had a fix for blog comments - it's worth a try as it has worked for me. I just have a few blog commenters now which aren't emailed to me for some reason.

  5. Edgar: Check your blog settings. Set them to default for blog comments. Also, you might want to clean your cache. I use CCleaner from

    Your stitching, as always, is simply stunning.

  6. Very well done! You can hang this one with great pride!

  7. Congratulations on your finish, Edgar! It looks fabulous. I like your changes and like the outlined angel's wings. Jo offered a solution to fix the blog comments issue.

  8. I used Jo's blog comment fix too, Edgar, and it worked for me!
    Beautiful finish!

  9. Just beautiful. Like others have mentioned, I used Jo's advice to fix the problem.

  10. Well done. just Beautiful!
    Lok forward to your WIP and next new piece.


  11. Beautiful stitch ~ Congrats on the finish! I, too, can't wait to see what you've selected for your next project.

  12. Hi Edgar,

    Lovely finish! You're an artist!


  13. Love your finish. Can't wait to stitch it myself:)

  14. Happy dancing with you! That's a lovely piece!

  15. What a beautiful finish, and as a fellow Catholic, I can really appreciate it. Yes! I am having problems with leaving comments on SOME blogs. Yours is obviously one of the blogs that I can leave a comment on, but there are many that I can't. I can't even reply to comments on my own blog!

  16. Wow, that was really quick.. how do you finish so fast!! Beautiful

    I think there have been problems on and off with comments, not sure if this was related. Hope it's resolved now