Friday, August 10, 2018

A Little Dinner

Gentle Friends, we headed out to a fun dinner and I remembered my camera...

... although there is a menu board, they have daily specials on a board outside... 

... the menu board over the inside counter...

... Firewood is known for this open brick oven and...

... roasting chickens...

... this is a shot of the front dinning room... bright and colorful...

... so the way this works is you order and pay at the counter, you are given a number for your order and then head for a table... I ordered a really tasty beer, very hoppy with lots of citrus, a true summer beer - it's from Drake's Brewing Company in San Leandro, CA

... Rico ordered a peporoni pizza and salad...

... and John and I had the baked rigatoni, all these dishes were good!!

... after dinner, we headed around the corner to The Castro Fountain.....

... Rico got a double scoop of "Yas Queen" and Strawberry/Watermelon Sorbet, Yas Queen, is a vanilla based Ice Cream with their rainbow cake mixed in...

... John got a double scoop of Tres Leche and Blueberry Cheesecake ice creams.... and I got

... a piece of the rainbow cake to take home, I was really full and although I wanted this cake, I knew it was better to wait, take it home and have it later with my nightly cup of coffee, and I did and it was totally wonderful at about 9pm!!

There you go sports fans, thanks for stopping by do stop again!!  Have a super weekend.... BTW I got some of the silks in the mail yesterday so I'll have a shot of my new stitch on Monday!!!

Take care,


  1. Everything looks delicious... but the rainbow cake... yum, it looks awesome!

  2. So jealous! Ya'll should come to Savannah -- you'd love our historical sites and our food.

  3. Edgar, Stop! You are killing me with food envy.

    Sandra in Texas

  4. Oh my! Sitting here getting hungry! That baked, I could eat one of those! Thanks Edgar:)

  5. I'll take a slice of pizza and a slice of that cake!

  6. Both the pizza and the rigatoni look delicious.
    I personally like John's ice cream choice, but I am curious about the cake. What flavor was it?

  7. This post makes me hungry and thirsty. I love a good summer brew!

  8. Oh I wish there were places like the Castro Fountain near me to get a dessert to go. They all look quite delicious......