Thursday, March 9, 2017

A Little Thrifting

Gentle Friends, let's post about Estate sales and thrifting.... as you know we are usually out and about every weekend in and out of thrift and consignment shops and try and hit any Estate sales that are in the City.  

I realize that an estate sale is a clearing out of a house, but sometimes the things you see and things for sale or left behind by the family or whoever has inherited the Estate I often find very sad......  a couple of weeks back we got to a nice estate sale in Pacific Hights that had some fun things and quite a few family things for sale or left behind.  As I was checking out I asked Bill, who was running the sale and we see just about every weekend, about some pictures in a back office....  he told me that they had already tossed boxes of pictures in the dumpster and that the family had just walked away from everything. He quoted me a few dollars for the album and I snapped it up....

 What I bought was a picture album of a Silver Anniversary Party in 1955...for Lillian and Mickey Schwartz.... it is in almost pristine condition.... out of the album tumbled.....

 ... even older pictures....

 ... Lillian and Mickeys wedding portraits and one of their wedding invitations... she was a Miss Lillian Hirsch and they were married June 19th, 1930...  there were also...

younger pictues of Lillian and Mickey and what I am presuming is one of their daughters....

 ... the Album was full of super pictures..  here is Lillian and Mickey...

 .... and with a sister  ( I am guessing)

 .... and lots of party pictures,  group shots, and dancing...

...  It is a wonderful Album, and so very sad that it was left to be sold of worse thrown away.  

That's about all sports fans, thanks for stopping by, do stop again!!

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  1. How can a family member do that? It's their history! Thank you for saving their wedding album! They were a happy couple. Bless you.

  2. That IS sad... but so many folks today are simply not interested in stuff like this.... Loved the pics! Thanks!


  3. That is very sad, let's hope a family member was not aware these treasure were in the box. It would be fun to track the family down though.

  4. Yeah, I don't get that. It is sad.

  5. How sad that family would walk away from such treasures! I think people are so in the digital age that they miss out on great memories that aren't available that way. So glad you're giving those photos a good home!

  6. As a person who embraces every. single. piece. of family history, I find it absolutely inexcusable to discard/abandon such artifacts. While they may have just been of every day happenings, or of momentous occasions, they were obviously precious to Lillian and Mickey, and that fact alone, should have made them priceless. How sad, but happy that they ended up with someone who finds value in them.


  7. Edgar,
    I had a similar experience but not with photographs. Our neighbor had a garage sale. I got there just as she was sweeping dust onto a beautiful crewel picture her mother had made. I asked if I could have it and she said she had no use for it so "Yes." I was so saddened to think of the time & love that went into making that picture and how easily that daughter could just sweep it out. It certainly gives you pause for thought. Thanks for sharing Lillian & Mickey with us and for being so thoughtful.

    Sandra from Texas

  8. That is sad...what are some people thinking?!

  9. I can imagine a future generation mourning the fact that someone in the Family did not honor this couple enough to preserve and share the pristine photos so important in the life of the Family. In light of the many young people today seeking out evidence of their ancestry,
    such material is invaluable. Sad indeed, Edgar. You are a hero....

  10. Such lovely photos. I want to believe that some dear one would want them if they knew. At least someone who can appreciate them without knowing them now has them.

  11. What a beautiful purchase. I have "rescued" family photos at Estate Sales from time to time. It's heartbreaking to see them be discarded. I also buy tons of handmade doilies at Estate Sales. They are so beautiful and even though I don't crochet, I know the work that goes into them. Thanks for sharing this treasure of photos with us.

  12. How sad - so much family history just being tossed out.

  13. These are beautiful photos, I am glad they are now with someone who will treasure them. x

  14. Good evening Edgar, I was so sad to discover the family did not want this wonderful collection of old family photos. I really don't understand how they could walk away from all the wonderful memories of parents and perhaps grandparents, as they seemed such vibrant people.
    My father was adopted and never met his blood relations and if he had been given the opportunity to own family photos he would have treasured them.
    The consolation is that these photos have not been destroyed. They are now being cared for, and loved by you.... and so they live on.
    Best Wishes to you.

  15. It amazes me how people can throw out such things. The sisters of my DH didn't want anything when his mom passed away. We kept everything! It is so thoughtful of you to show that album. Bless you Edgar!!

  16. They really are wonderful photos! Thank you for sharing them. Maybe there is a practical reason they really CAN'T keep all the photos? Doubtful.

  17. It is sad to see old pictures just thrown away. I also visit estate sales and have seen pictures in boxes and wondered why no one in the family wanted them. I guess we will never know. My daughter and I have been going through lots of old pictures from my mothers apt. My mom had separated lots of pictures of people that she could not remember or even where they had been taken. They were military so many of the pictures were either Japan, Guam, Hawaii, and some from when my dad was on a ship in South Africa and many places not known. We decided to keep them all and just put them in a box. We couldn't just throw them away.

  18. Maybe a friend of a friend of the family will see your blog and reunite them with their pictures. You did a great thing by saving them from the dumpster. Think of yourself as the guardian until they get back home! Have enjoyed your blog for years, Edgar. Thanks for sharing your travels and your life with all of us.

  19. Dearest Edgar: It is sad that so many lovely and memorable items are tossed, I like seeing old photos, I really like the black and white photos the best, look at how beautiful everyone is dressed in the photos, now a days I see people going to weddings in blue jeans so sad.


  20. Edgar, I feel the same way about estate sales. Bless you for saving this treasure.

  21. Oh Edgar, You have such a huge heart, and I do too. Both of my parents died back to back in 2015. We have an east coast ocean front 1865 home full of pictures and memories. I cannot even image throwing out our family history. I think people grow weary and just give up. Also, we must talk to the next generation about passing along history. You did a great thing by saving this. You never know, you might meet this family one day! Best, Darby Logan