Monday, May 4, 2015

A Little Stitchin'

Gentle Friends, still working on "Sojurner".... here's were it stands at the moment...

.... one of the changes I made over the week was to pull out all the "Buttercup" silk that is charted for the California Poppies and replace it with "Lasagna." 

 I see these poppies all the time, everyday and even have a pot of them on the balcony and nowhere do I see yellow or the pale yellow varieties.....  it was really bothering me quite a bit..... so I held my skein of "Lasagna" up against a poppy and the colour is an almost a perfect match, so I'm going with a the more orange poppy.  I think my skein of "Buttercup" is on the pale side anyway......

That's about it for today sports fans.  Thanks for stopping by, do stop again!!

Take care,


  1. So pretty. I think your color change for the poppies was a great idea. Looking forward to seeing your progress.

  2. Excellent change! The more you stitch the prettier this floral border gets

  3. Great decision. Love the lasagna color. It plays beautifully with the others.

  4. Oh Edgar, I just love this! I have to agree, I've never seen a yellow poppy. The color you chose is more in line with what I think of when I think of poppies. This is just so pretty!

  5. It is looking so pretty. I love the flowers!

  6. Hello Edgar,

    I love the color change for the poppies! My original model was lost in the mail when I sent it to the Bay Area Sampler Guild for them to see and, consequently, I have to restitch it. I'm going to use the Belle Soie "Lazagna" as well when I do.

    When I was doing my research for flowers indigenous to your area, the poppy I saw was a yellowish/orange color, but not a redish/orange, so I tried to match the color with the pictured ones. You can see the picture I used in your chart instructions. I so love the red/orange much better as it pops on the linen color.

    You are making great progress and I look forward to seeing Sojourner as it progresses. It is such a compliment to me to have you stitch my design. Great job!

    Yours in friendship and stitches,
    Heart's Ease Examplar Workes

  7. How cool that you personalized your stitching to match the flowers you see everyday. Those poppies are great!

  8. So pretty! I agree -- orange makes more sense!

  9. It's looking great Edgar! I wonder how I can track this one down for myself?

  10. I love the change you made to the flowers. Another nice pop of color.