Friday, August 29, 2014

Happy Labor Day

Gentle Friends, here we are at the end of Summer with a super three day weekend - 

.....  HERE is a great little piece of Labor Day info from Wikipedia.  Now we move fast and furious into Fall with the three big Holidays on my calendar....  Hallowe'en - 62 days away.......  Thanksgiving - 89 days away and......  Christmas - 117 days away.  The end of the year is not far behind and then it'll be 2015!!!  Tempus Feguit!!

Have a safe, long weekend!!  Until next week.....
Take care,


needlenurse said...

Have a great weekend Edgar. I expect you'll have "Rosy Morning" and "Summer Harvest" completed by the time you post on Tuesday...LOL!


Vicki said...

Enjoy a terrific Labor Day Weekend, Edgar!

Frances N said...

Labor Day! It gives me hope that the weather is changing soon and cool days are ahead, along with all the wonderful upcoming holidays!
It's also the start of college football this weekend....not such a big thing for me, but my husband and son are so excited--makes me a little excited just being around them! HA
The three day weekend is a welcome gift--hope to accomplish much over the next few days!
Happy Holiday!

Margaret said...

Hope you have a great weekend, Edgar! Love that stamp!

Barb said...

Time is flying!! Have a great week-end!

Nancy said...

Enjoy your weekend Edgar! Holidays and cool weather - best time of the year!

Julie said...

Have a super weekend!