Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Gettin' Burritos

Gentle Friends, here in San Francisco we are lucky to have loads of Taquerias and Burrito places.  Often on the way home we will stop at one of our favorites El Metate, at 2406 Bryant Street to pick up dinner.

   A metate is a grinding stone for corn.....

... this place frequently gets on the lists of best places to get a burrito here in the City - we stopped last week and picked up a couple of these monsters.  Did I mention that one of these local burritos, for those that don't know, weigh in at about 2 lbs each and I usually make two meals of mine, a dinner then take the rest to work for lunch the next day.  Most of the time I get Camaron (shrimp) and Rico will get chicken.  Here's a shot of the inside take out area where you place orders......

....on the table are some delicious Mexican Wedding cookies ( one of my favorites!!) and to the lower right you can see the salsa bar - they have hot, extra hot, really hot and "did that just melt the spoon" hot salsas to choose from!!  

I find it interesting to see how fast they can pull together these things and snapped off a bunch of pictures while mine was being made.....

... when you order you are usually asked what kind of beans, I like refried, and super or not, super usually means crema (sour cream) and guacamole, I go for broke and typically get a super burrito...sometimes you are given the choice of tortilla - here they only offer flour...  then you're asked what kind of salsa, I choose mild, and even then, depending on the place, mild can mean pretty spicy, here at El Matate, mild means pretty spicy.....

after all the fillings are added, they grab the sides and sort of schlop the stuff together....

... grab, fold, tuck.....  

... more tucking and rolling it up tight....

... roll, roll , roll and......

... wrapping up in foil and there you go......

... I got it home and cut it in half, and hacked it open added some extra sour cream, some salsa, a piece of avocado and some spicy pickled Mexican carrots and chips, it was a great dinner. 

So if you ever find yourself in San Francisco, you must have a local burrito, you'll enjoy it immensely!!

That's about it for today sports fans, thanks again for stopping by, do stop again!!

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  1. Looks delicious! I love how the restaurant looks on the outside!

  2. That looks so darn good Edgar, I am drooling over here!!! I miss all the Taquerias and Burrito places back in the City

  3. Well, that looks quite yummy!

  4. That looks yummy. I love Mexican food. I adore tacos de lengua which grosses my girlfriends out. LOL

  5. Yummo, must have been mexican in the air as I went home and made enchiladas last night.

  6. Gosh Edgar, I want one of those right now!

  7. OMG! That looks sooooo good! I still remember when my DD was 6 months old, we took her to Half Moon Bay and got burritos at a joint there. Ours were huge, just like that. And they were soooo good! Gosh, I wish I could have one right about now! (A seagull got part of DH's burrito....)

  8. Making my mouth drool just looking at that beauty ... hope it was as good as it looks!

  9. Yum! I like camaron also. I have never had those carrots, but they sound delicious. I love "adventurous " food like that.