Wednesday, October 5, 2011

A Food Post.....

Gentle Readers and Dear Friends - I wanted to thank everyone for their kind Birthday wishes - I opened up the Blog and comments this morning and was so moved by them all - thank you, thank you!!!  It was just raining a bit too much so we stayed in last night and order Chinese Take out for dinner from Alice's - we really enjoy this place and they are super quick with getting an order together.  You can click HERE to go to their website.  There was enough leftovers so that we got lunch out of it for today!!  Woo - Hoo I love it when a dinner can do double duty!!

Over the weekend we did run some errands and one of them was to Trader Joe's .....

.....  and they had a gigantic display of canned pumpkin - there had to be 200 + cans of the stuff, so I picked up a couple of cans.  If you live near a TJ's check them out as I think this stuff will go pretty fast.  The supermarkets in the city are still bare shelved when it comes to canned pumpkin.  I also picked up a Dark chocolate bar with caramel and black sea salt - how tasty!!  And, we stopped at a Walgreen's and what else would I be getting but some candy corn - love this stuff!!

We often go out either Saturday or Sunday or both nights for dinner - but not feeling like going out we made a nice little dinner - 

....  I made some biscuits and mashed "taters and Rico fried some chicken and made some almond string beans.  I made enough biscuits that the lasted for a few meals - and we had enough chicken for lunch the next day.

Also in the kitchen......I found a few years ago on the Internet a recipe I have wanted to try and this past weekend I whipped up some.....
.....  Taco Won-tons - they turned out really tasty and the recipe made enough that I froze a bunch of them to have later.  Rico made some Spanish rice et voila, dinner!!

I also baked up this....

.... cranberry coffee cake - I made this before, but might not have posted the recipe.  I'll get the recipe for everything up on Blacksheep Bakes in the morning - everything is pretty easy to make!!  And, I found them all just surfing around and from others sharing!!!  I love the Internet!!!!!

 I will post a birthday snap tomorrow as I left my camera at home this morning
- something I just never do!!

There you go sports fans.  
Thanks again for you kindnesses and for stopping by.  
Do come again!!!

Take care,


Teresa said...

You must have your supply of pumpkin by now. The dinner you made looks delicious, my kind of home cooked meal. You should post the recipe for those won tons.
Glad you had a nice birthday.
Teresa's Heartfelt Stitches
PS- Thanks for sending down the rain, we are having a cool wet day down here in So. Calif.

Margaret said...

Wow, it all sounds fabulous! I love candy corn too. And the taco wontons sound very intriguing! Have to try them.

DonnaTN said...

It all looks and sounds so good. You made some beautiful biscuits. Yum!

Tracey said...

Delicious! Will be looking up that recipe later for the cranberry cake! I love cranberries! We get tons when they are cheap in the fall and winter and freeze them so we can eat them year round. So funny-I made a Walgreen's run today and got some Autumn Mix- I love candy corn and those pumpkins! Great minds think alike!

Lana said...

Your blog always does one of three things to me, Edgar: 1) makes me wish I were a better stitcher like you, 2) makes me hungry 3) makes me wanna curl up with a blanket and a good movie!! Today my tummy is growling!! Those meals look amazing!!

JillMN said...

This makes me hungry! You should mix the candy corn with peanuts. This mix tastes like salted nut rolls! Yummy!

Jeanne said...

okay I never even had lunch today so you are making me really hungry! Belated birthday wishes Edgar...I laughed at your post the other day becaues the exact same thing happened to me when I turned 46...I was bummed for about 6 weeks about turning 47 but a few days before my bday I realized I was only turning 46. I was in a wonderful mood after that! It's crazy isn't it. Hope you have a great year ahead.

Vicky said...

The taco wontons sound great I will have to google and find a recipe :)

diamondc said...

Edgar: Have you ever made pumpkin soup? it is wonderful and so right for this time of year.
Your wanton tacos look so yummy and your coffee cake is just so lucious looking anything cranberry is good.
I want to marry you just so you can cook for me.

Giggles galore.

Cindy's Stitching said...

I love trader joes also. The food always looks so yummy.

Lynn said...

Everything looks delicious! Wish I could have tried those won tons.
Remind me again why you're having so much trouble finding pumpkin? We have plenty on our shelves here.

Delana said...

Oh those biscuits look so good...gotta make some. We can't get baking powder, canned pumpkin, or cranberries here in France...but I have a secret stash of all three smuggled in by various friends. I'm saving the cranberries and pumpkin for Thanksgiving...but oh those biscuits! They can be made TOMORROW! Joyeux Anniversaire, Edgar...a little late I know. But it's a birth month, not a birthday!

ariadne said...

I love dark chocolate!But with such ingredients I have never heard before in a chocolate it must be wonderful! What attracts me more though is the fantastic wrapping paper!It could make a great little framed art!AriadnefromGreece!

Ma Teakettle said...

Hey kiddo...I was at TJ's yesterday and took your advice and grabbed 2 cans of pumpkin! Thank you kitten...I even gave you a shout out on my bloggie.