Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Two Kitties, Two Stitches and some Wings!!!!!

Gentle Readers and Dear Friends we are now in the throws of our "summer weather."  Last week we had a couple of days of warm weather and this week we are into our third day of "heat."  Now, heat is relative and here in SF when the temps rise into the upper 70's low 80's it is defined as "hot" weather - Tomorrow and every day until Sunday the high temps will begin to drop 6+ degrees a day and we should get a sprinkle of rain or two at the end of the four days.  That's about it for the Summer type of anything - and I am not going to complain!!

I mentioned yesterday that we are taking care of a couple f kitties - so I thought you might like to see Nikita and Chauncey - they are very sweet kitties.

They used to be very skittish when we first met them a few years ago - but now they both come running for rubs and scratches and some play time.

I finished up Part 5 of the Mystery SAL Sampler that Carol is running - Here is where mine stands as of last night..
and , I also worked a bit on the Mary Beale Sampler.....

My flash was way too hot and I tired to compensate with a colour fix and so I got this craptastic snaperoo.  You get the idea.

Last night Rico brought home some delicious wings - lemon/pepper and Hickory Smoked BBQ!!  From a place called "Wing Stop."  He was introduced to this place by a coworker - thanks Prisma!!, we stopped on the way home at the Safeway and picked up some Loaded Skins and cole slaw - the beer we already had - and it was one terrific dinner!!!!!  I do love me some Japanese beer!

That's about it for today sports fans - thanks for stopping by!!  Do come again!
Take care,


Teresa said...

I was expecting Kittens not full grown, but cute anyway.
Love your sampler with the red and blue, all the others I have seen seem to be more one color. I do favor anything red, white and blue.
Hope you enjoyed the "Wing Stop", reminded me we haven't been there in awhile.
Teresa's Heartfelt Stitches

butterfly said...

Love the kitty/cats very cute.
Very nice SAL i am also stitching this one love your colours.

Akila said...

They look so cute, especially the light coloured one :)
Your sampler is coming up really really well. Mary baele looks very cute too. Such pretty colours

Mouse said...

awww the kitties are really cute :) and you're a beer monster and a cookie monster too heheheh .. love the stitching up dates and can't wait to see more :) love mouse xxxx

Sherry :o) said...

Really great progress on your stitching! Kitties are cute - are they there with your doggies too or do you go to their house? Just wondering if they are staying with you if they like all the puppies, especially smokie!

Faye said...

More nice work Edgar!~~ And, YUM~~~

Lucy said...

Note: Kitties love to lay on patterns and anything else you are working on to get your attention...I'm just sayin' (can you pass me a wing?)

Beth said...

Love your stitching, especially the Mystery Sampler - love the colors!

Those ARE cats, but if you say they are nice, then maybe I could go for them....

Berit said...

Now, who is Chauncey and who is Nikita? :D

Your stitching is really coming along--fun to watch that one work up.

Interesting that you like the Kirin; we have some friends of it in our set, though I think there are more Asahi supporters. :) Personally, I am not much for beer other than Guinness, but can be tempted to try others now and again.

Kay said...

The kitties are beautiful! How do they get along with the dogs? The Mary Beale is really pretty, even if your camera did have a "hot flash", lol!

Barb said...

Wow! Your blog is full of great things today- The Mary Beale is lovely, the cats are so cute , and supper looks yummy!

Jennifer said...

Aww, there they are. So lovely. Just what I needed today....a little kitty therepy.

Charity C. said...

The kitty's are so cute! I love them! Good progress on your SAL and Mary Beale! Those wings look delicious too! Have a great day Edgar!

DonnaTN said...

The kitties are very pretty. Do they get along with the who hounds or are they sequestered? Your stitching always looks great even if you aren't happy with the pic. Sounds like you had an easy and delicious dinner, yum!

Deborah said...

My Sammi hates it when I say the C word. Those cats are beautiful. The light one is a gorgeous color. Dio they get along with the hounds? Your SAL is looking good.

Margaret said...

Those cats are really pretty ones! Nice that they give you love now. Mia is always skittish around strangers and even friends, sadly.

I love your SAL. And the Mary Beale piece is gorgeous! As for the food -- you are always making me hungry. lol! Sounds so good!

Lynn said...

Cute cats! Are they getting along with the dogs? Everytime my friend brings her dog over my cat wants to play. However the dog runs away and hides! Seems he's frightened by the cat. Too funny!
The SAL is looking great but I really love your Mary Beale piece.

Nancy said...

Lovely stitching! Really love your Mary Beale sampler! Cute kitties!

marly said...

Love the Mary Beale start - can't wait to see more. Hello kitties!

diamondc said...

Edgar: The cats are adorable, how lucky they are to be a part of your life.
I love your Mystery Sampler very nice.
My husband lived in Japan for two years and drank a lot of Kirin Beer.,
He is now into Corona with two lime slices.
I do hope all is well with you Rico and the kids.

JuanitaNC said...

I love you Blog.The kittens are so cute.The light brown one look like a cat we had years ago.You do wonderful work.I don't live Ca but Wing stop sounds yummy.You are aways making yummy things.

Pilar said...

I love the colors of your Mistery SAL.

Doris said...

lovely stitching, amazing colors of Mistery sal, and the sampler too.

Littlebit said...

Your Mary Beale is absolutely beautiful!! How did the latest pup welcome those cats that must look as big as horses to one so little.

Quiltin' Sandy said...

Hi Edgar! Where are you? missing my Blacksheep's posts. I hope you, Rico and all of your fur family are ok. hugs from across the pond. Sandy.

And This Little Pig said...

What beautiful cats, and such lovely names. Like you Mystery SAL.
LiBBiE in Oz

Anne said...

Those kitties are adorable! Nice to hear that they have become comfortable with you two and able to get some love!

Great progress on Carol's Sal and your sampler!

PS, tell your flash to cool down!

Cross Stitch Queen said...


1966 was a good year LOL. I also love some of the older movies with Humphrey Bogart, im particular.

The wings look great! I love those loaded potato skins. We go to BJ's to pick up the huge box for $10.00. If we are lucky they last 3 days. Not many come in there for a growing family of 4.

Kids must be born with tapeworms these days LOL.... I don't know where all the food goes.

Have a great weekend,