Friday, August 10, 2007

Trauma Thursday spilled over into Friday

At little background and whats going on with my camera..........

I usually post and blog at work. So, that is where I kept my USB cord that connects my camera to the computer. Well yesterday I came in ready to post some pics and low and behold my cord was "missing." Now, not only was I frantic and very mad about the missing cord, but there are only 12 of us here and the cord is under my desk out of sight or so I thought.

After my interrogation and emails to everybody, I still have no cord.

Here it is Friday and I STILL have no cord. I half thought somebody was doing the Gaslight on me!!!!

I stopped by Wolf camera on my way home yesterday to see if I could replace the thing and found out it would be a 6 to 8 week order, but the sales guy suggested I get a card reader thing and not worry getting another cord. It was only $19.00, so I said sure why not, I gotta have something.
Of course they were out of them, but they would be getting some in today. Yea, sure!!! That ain't helping me now with some pictures. It really sucks!!!! Geof thinks he might have a cord that will work as he also has a Cannon Powershot and might bring it in when he comes in, so there is hope for some pictures later.

I got some fabric at Discount fabrics, thanks Kathryn, you where right they have a tons of stuff. I will try and get to Britex on Monday for the cording. I also got new light to stitch by, instead of the mind numbing, vitamin draining light I had been using. Imagine if you will the bright light used in film noir with the "good cop bad cop" scenario, and you have the light I was stitching under. The new light Rico got me has a more diffused brightness and has a built in magnifying glass. Does somebody think I'm gettin' old and blind????

I also worked some on Serenity and am creeping along the bottom border and turning the corner up the side. At some point there will be pics.

For now how about an older picture of a puppy.....

It's the Pete, the middle puppy of the herd.

Thanks for stopping by, and as always thanks for the feedback comments.

Have a great weekend!!!!!


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Kathryn said...

I'm glad you liked Discount Fabric. I've been to every fabric store in the Bay Area (including a lot that are now gone). I probably have more fabric stash than stitching stash.