Friday, August 17, 2007

Stitching Bloggers Question of the Week

I have read many of these questions on lots of blogs and find the answers fascinating. Since we all Blog or are read by people interested in cross stitching learning bits about each other is wonderful and makes each of us understand just a little more about our compatriots in the cs world. I think that we all share so many things in common and yet are all different in the way we approach this hobby/craft.
To get to the Question:

How did you get started stitching? Was there a person that inspired you?

My start came while I was in college. Although my mother has been in the past an avid stitcher doing cross stitch and needlepoint
she was not the person to get me interested in cs or needlepoint.

I went to East Carolina University for my undergraduate degree, GO PIRATES!!!!!, and my first year there I rented a room from a friend of my mothers. Mrs. Pascal rented all of her upstairs bedrooms out to college students. Being a widow living alone in a really big house I think she enjoyed the noise and activity. Well, it was there that I met LouAnn. Just the sweetest girl and she was a stitching fool. Every afternoon I would get home from class and there she was working away at some project watching As the World Turns, another bad habit I picked up. :)

She eventually showed me how to cs and how different patterns could be interpreted in needlepoint as well as cs. The first needle project I did was a needlepoint pillow that was charted for cs. I had lots of fun making it and it lives at my mothers house. Every time I see I see all the problems that exist in the needlework but also after all these years I still get a rush of satisfaction about the finish. I went on to other projects always working on Aida cloth. Then for about a 10 year period I didn't touch any needle project at all. I don't know why, no inspiration, burned out who knows......

Then last year I felt the need to finish those stockings I had been working on for so long they were truly a UFO!!! That led me to looking back at the little bit of stash I had kept from before. The momentum kept building after working up a project on Aida cloth. Then I found a linen project I wanted to try. Up until that time linen intimidated me something awful. I finished that, the fruit basket with bird in my kitchen.
That all led to today where I am once again stitching almost everyday and really enjoying it!!!!

Hope that answers the mystery that is my stitching past.

Take care,

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Von said...

Hi Edgar! Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog! Your blog is now in my rss feeds so I can keep an eye on the projects you're doing. :)
I see you're in a RR too; I'm sure having fun with the Neighborhood RR I'm in - my first! :)

So glad you've taken up your needles again! I must say I'm quite envious of you, being so close to Needle in a Haystack. What a dream shop!