Wednesday, August 1, 2007

South Dakota pottery and some stash

I'll start off today with talking about some pottery that I had ordered when we were in SD at the end of June. In Rapid City there is a company called Sioux Pottery. They have been around since the 50's creating wonderful things out of the native red clay of the Badlands and from white clay from Kentucky. All of the things they make are made by Native Sioux artisans and are decorated in traditional motifs. They work mostly in scraffito although there are some things that are specialized with lots of under glaze painted work. In the showroom there are hundreds of things for sale. I found three covered pots and asked if there was a fourth pot that was bigger thinking these would make a great canister set. There was, so I ordered these four covered pots and had them executed in Ogalala Blue decoration ( the ones on display were in a flame red/orange that would not have worked in my kitchen) and they have arrived and are on the counter in my kitchen. Here they are:

I collect yellow ware triple blue banded mixing bowls and the dark blue on the bowls and these pots look really well together.

This past weekend Rico's Mom gave us one of her quilts. Now this is just not a regular quilt but a Sioux Star quilt from South Dakota. It is really beautiful and we were wanting one. We had looked at a few when we were there but they are VERY expensive so we passed on getting one.

I also got in the mail some charts to add to my stash...... they are some that I had won on eBay and one chart I had ordered from an OLNS. The eBay winnings are:

The one I ordered is "Forgiveness" the new chart from Exemplar Dames......I am now wondering if I should just keep it in the browns/oranges and greens that the chart calls for. The picture online made it look different from the model picture. I do know I will do it in overdyed floss like Serenity...... but the question is should just try and keep it in the colour palette that the designer envisioned???? or lean more toward the colours that Serenity is worked in.......... I wonder????

The picture is very poor, I even took it out of the plastic and still couldn't get the flash to be so hot, but you get the idea.

Here is a piece that I made last October and I don't think I ever put it on the blog... so here it is. This was done from a kit, it is a stamped on linen kit.... I used the cotton floss provided. It was the first linen thing that I attempted. Before that I had only worked on Aida cloth and was unsure of working on linen. This is framed very simply in a brown frame and is in my kitchen.

There wasn't much stitching last night. I had Serenity out and a threaded needle and stitched 5 or 6 stitches and promptly fell asleep. I woke up a couple of hours later with needle in hand and two chihuahuas on me....what a pretty picture!!! Pete was on my chest and Hunny wedged down between me and the chair with Serenity laying in my lap. I figured it was time for bed so I packed it all up and it was off for the night,

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Cheryl said...

Great stash, ive been stashing too ;) I really like the forgiveness chart, good luck with your colour decisions!
Love that pottery and that quilt - wow, it's fab! Pretty stitching piece you have in your kitchen

Itching To Stitch said...

I am sooo looking forward to watch you stitch Forgiveness, I hope you start it soon ;)