Wednesday, August 22, 2007

A Fall finish and some puppy pics

Here is a finish for the fall, Autumn Bouquet it stitched up quick and now it is finished. The only thing I am rethinking is my initials/date in the straw coloured floss of the alphabet. I really liked the dark red but jeez I don't want that to be the first thing you look at.
It is only one over one so pulling it out will be no trouble.....

Autumn Bouquet Maria Gossard - Cedar Hill
28ct Graziano Milan
Included DMC Floss

I forgot to post a picture of the roses we got for this weekend. Since we are coming back into to the fall the Leonidas coloured roses are back, they are one of my favorites.
Here is a closeup....

I got some shots of the other puppies last night so here is Mama aka Hunny and sweet Pete.

She was yawning her fool head off, although she does look like this when she sleeps,
with that silly tongue just hanging out.
But just say the word cookie

and boy does she perk right up.....

Then there is the Pete, a busy little boy that just keeps trotting around the house. Although here he is running from the paparazzi chasing him....

That's a crazy Batman angle I must say.

We had a two day heat wave where the temps climbed into the upper 70's.
I actually did not have to wear my sweatshirt in the afternoons!! :)
I think today it will be back to normal as the fog was pouring over Twin Peaks.

Here is one more of the Mama..... you know she is thinking....

"Didn't I hear there was a cookie somewhere."

I know I'm pretty silly about these little dogs!!!

Thanks for stopping by!!

Take care,


Itching To Stitch said...

Congrats on finishing Autumn Bouquet, it came out lovely. Love the doggie pics ;)

Dawn said...

Autumn Bouquet looks wonderful!! Your puppies are so cute:)

Mindi said...

Autumn Bouquet turned out great! Love the pictures of your dogs.

samplerknn said...

Love your stitching, but adore your poochies! Don't you just adore them!! Mine are on my blog too, come visit Emma and Otis.