Thursday, August 16, 2007

A little Stash and a couple of movies

I had a visit form the USPS and was delivered a few eBay wins. I really like eBay as it lets you have a chance a getting those OOP charts. There are so many things that are still being done and have just gone OOP and are really hard to find. Sometimes as many of you know the bidding can get ridiculous. Yes, I have gone crazy for something that I really wanted, in fact quite psycho could aptly describe a few of the purchases I have made. These few thing happen to not fall into that category but are things I have seen off and on and have finally won.

I got the Sarah Tatum Quaker chart, Quaker Black Swan sampler from Exemplar Dames, Autumn Bouquet from Blackbird Designs and the Ann B Tarbox sampler from Hillside Samplings.

I worked on Autumn Bouquet last night and forgot to take a picture of it.

Yesterday was TCM's salute to Joan Bennett and last night they payed to really great movies. The first was "Father of the Bride" followed by "Fathers little Dividend." What wonderful movies!! Elizabeth Taylor was beautiful and top notch as was Spencer Tracy and Joan Bennett. I also think that Billie Burke as the MIL was spot on!!!

It was aniher breezy foggy day followed by a foggy cold night. One of the main reasons I stay here in this crazy overpriced city is the weather!!!! As many of you know I grew up in the deep south sweltering and sweating my way through the days and relish this cool/cold weather!!!!!! BRRRRRRRRRR :)

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Mindi said...

Love those charts you picked up, I've been thinking about getting Autumn Bouquet. I'll be interested to seeing some pictures as you work on it.

Margie said...

I'll be starting Autumn Bouquet soon myself! :-) Nice stash

Kathryn said...

The only way to deal with an Ebay addiction is to be ruthless. Set a price you are willing to pay for something and if you don't win it...let it go! You would be amazed at the number of auctions that I lost and then bid on the same item again and won it for less money.