Friday, July 6, 2018

A New Little Start

Gentle friends, well, I've finally landed on a piece to start... I hemmed and hawed about a couple of samplers...  trying to make a decision I started to kit them up and sort of saw where I was with my stash and what I was missing... so I moved towards a great piece that's been in the "to do" pile for quite a while...

.... it's another Heartstring Samplery piece... "Apostle's Creed."  Here's my little bit of a start...

... I'm stitching this piece on 40ct Vintage Light Examplar with the recommended floss (more or less).  Of course, I've already made some changes to the piece.  In my stash, I couldn't find a piece of linen long enough... almost long enough...but no cigar!!  So, since this is a band type sampler I just went in and clipped out a couple of "bands" and then took the other bands and just rearranged them to suit me... so now I'm a happy camper.  The picture makes the linen look really mottled, I think it was the flash that made the colors pop... it's not really this "cloudy " looking.

There you go sports fans, thanks for stopping by, have a super weekend!!

Take care,


  1. I'm eager to watch your progress on this one!
    Have a great weekend...

  2. Going to be fabulous...will be great to watch your progress...enjoy the weekend 😁

  3. Edgar, I look forward to seeing you stitch up your rendition of this band sampler. Enjoy your weekend!

  4. I have no idea how you can stitch on 40ct as I am really struggling with 32ct right now. My eyes seem to cross every time I try to work on it.

  5. This was one on my bucket list... Bravo to you for the 40ct challenge.. Know it will become a masterpiece in your hands.

  6. That is a wonderful choice. I'll enjoy watching it grow!

  7. Great start! Your fabric is fast becoming my favorite but at 35 or 36ct! It'll be beautiful:)

  8. Great choice, that's a beautiful sampler.