Saturday, July 14, 2018

A 229th Anniversary!!

Gentle Freinds, just stopping by to wish everyone a very happy ....

Affiche. Le 14 juillet. France.

... here's a really nice version of the French National Anthem.... La Marseillaise....

....  have a super Bastille Day!!!!

À tout à l’heure !



  1. The French national anthem is the most stirring and always give me chills! I am not French either but truly the best. Now for group participation, no one beats the Canadians.

  2. Bonjour Edgar,
    Thank you for your celebration ! if you can find it (web site replay... in "spectacles et culture") the "Concert du 14 juillet 2018" under the Eiffel Tower by the French National Orchestra with great classic performers was amazing before a wonderful firework over the city Paris to celebrate our National Day.
    Enjoy and "au revoir" from France.