Thursday, May 31, 2018

Love is Warm Sheets

Gentle friends, I sort of let the laundry go a bit last week, so last night I made it my mission to get'er done!!  Sooooo... I poured myself a big old Bloody Mary and headed to the pile...  since we have two washers and two dryers in the laundry room of our building things moved along quite quickly.  As I brought up the first dry load of whites ...

... the Hump and Lolly jumped into some really hot sheets..... their favorite spot on laundry day!!  Loving these little dogs!!!

There you go sports fans another day by the Bay!!

Take care,


  1. I like warm sheets too, but will take a pup cuddle instead.

  2. Those little guys have great taste. Nothing like sheets just out of the dryer!

  3. Wouldn't we all love to do this some days, more recently.

  4. I love your dogs, I too have two tiny dogs and I constantly keep sweaters on them because they get cold often. It looks like these are two Chihuahuas? I'm in love with them and want to crawl right in the sheet with them and take a nap. Thanks for the smiles!!

  5. Dearest Edgar: I am totally in love with this photo, they are positively adorable.


  6. Such cute little doggies!

  7. It’s been FAR too long since I’ve been able to go “blog hopping”, but when I envisioned my lovely day of catching up with my “favorites”, I knew for sure that your blog would be my first! It’s such a pleasure to see your lovely photos, I always love all of them so much! I always find myself feeling like I’ve visited SF right alongside you, dined on wonderful food, cuddled some of the cutest little who-hounds, collected some wonderful treasures, smelled the flowers, did some stitching and drank some lovely libations. Wow - I think you can safely say, “a lovely time was had by all”. I’ve missed my visits with you and know that I’ll be back soon! (My blog used to be Seaside Stitcher, but sadly, it’s gone bust). Illnesses of many loved ones have sapped me completely but now that I’ve finally learned that one needs to feed one’s soul before one can feed another, who knows what I’ll find to get back into! A new blog might just be on the horizon. Thanks again for taking us along on your adventures in life!