Thursday, December 7, 2017

December 7, 1941

Never Forget.....



  1. My Dad loved to say he was the last person in Washington, DC to know about Pearl Harbor. He had a job washing dishes; Sunday was his day off. He'd be at the Smithsonian as soon as it opened and spend the day at the museum, making up for being educated in a tiny school in Appalachia. He noticed the museum was quiet that day, but thought nothing of it. When he left the museum at closing time, the city was going nuts; people on the streets talking a mile a minute, yelling on the buses. He finally got somebody to tell him what was going on, and it made no sense until he got back to his boarding house and found somebody to tell him what Pearl Harbor was. He'd spent the whole day looking at fossils - which if you knew my Dad, was classic.

  2. Very true Edgar. I watched a show on history today about WWII.

  3. Great post Edgar.

    My mom and my grandmother were living in Brooklyn, had just returned from attending Mass and were making an early Sunday dinner (a Sunday tradition in my grandmother's house) when the announcement was heard on the radio re: Pearl Harbor. My mother turned to my grandmother and said, "Where the hell is Pearl Harbor?" Years later when I related that story to my MIL she couldn't believe it... she was living in San Francisco then and knew exactly where Pearl Harbor was................

    San Pedro, CA