Wednesday, January 27, 2016

260 Years Ago Today..........

Gentle Friends, on this day Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was born -
He was a genius who gave the world such lovely music.  

One of things I really enjoy in life is opera, and one of my favorite "fun" arias comes from an opera by Mozart, Die Zauberflote (The Magic Flute) - the aria is sung by the Queen of the Night and is only a few minutes long, here is the majestic Diana Damrau of the Bavarian State Opera totally inhabiting the role...

...... here's another gorgeous piece of music written in 1787...the first movement of Eine Kleine Nachtmusik, Allegro... enjoy....



If you get the chance you should give "Amadeus" - 1984 - a look   It's a film version of a play about told in flashback of the later life of Mozart at the Hapsburg Court in Vienna.  Beautifully filmed in Prague it took home 8 of the 11 Oscars that it was nominated for.....the 8 Oscars Wins were... Best Picture (Producer Saul Zaentz), Best Actor (F Murray Abraham), Best Adapted Screenplay (Peter Shaffer), Best Art Direction (Karel Cerny and Patrizia von Brandenstein), Best Costume Design (Theodor Pistek) , Best Director (Milos Forman), Best Makeup (Dick and Paul LeBlanc)  and Best Sound Mixing (Mark Bergerm Thomas Scott, Todd Boekelheide and Christopher Newman) - so it  was a Winner film then and it still is a winner film now - on both DVD and Blu Ray!! 

That's about it for today sports fans.  Thanks for stopping by dos top again!!
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  1. Love Amadeus, love Queen of the Night, LOVE Mozart. Thanks for sharing, Edgar!

  2. Dearest Edgar: Lovely post, Dianas voice is stunning.


  3. LOVE Mozart! Love the movie Amadeus too! I watched it recently with my DS, the music college dude. He enjoyed watching it. That movie is the best, and Mozart is one of my favorite composers. Happy birthday, Amadeus!

  4. Thanks for sharing this beautiful music.

  5. Thank you! I too LOVE the Magic Flute as well as Eine Kleine Nachtmusik. A very lovely was for me to end my day! Thank you again!

  6. It is incredible how his music is easily identified, by the first cords. A genius that allowed for a great movie. Thanks for the reminder!

  7. I am ashamed to admit that I had never heard that aria. Diana Damrau did an amazing job. I am astounded that the human voice can even do what she did. It is absolutely lovely.
    Eine Kleine Nachtmusik is a favorite piece from Mozart for me.

    I want to watch the entire opera of The Magic Flute now. Thanks for the "turn on"

  8. Beautiful! Amadeus is one of my favorite movies. Great way to start my morning!

  9. Amadeus is one of my most favourite movies ever!Had seen it in my first year at the University.AriaadnefromGreece!