Monday, November 21, 2011

A Rambling Monday Morning

Gentle Readers and Dear Friends it was a wet and cold weekend here in the Bay area!!  I guess the storms are here and we will be having our usual Winter cycles of rain.  Aside from the wet weather we had a pretty terrific couple of days.  

Friday evening Rico's sister called to see if we could put her and her husband up Saturday night - they had gotten some great tickets for the 49er game against the Cardinals on Sunday.  Well, we have the second bedroom so of course we wanted them to come.  

Our Saturday morning started off as usual - our weekly trek to the Safeway via Noah's bagels - yummy!! -  Now, try and get to the store early every Saturday - usually around 8ish.  It was no different this past Saturday, but the store was already really full of shoppers, I guess everyone else was doing the same early before the crowds....  I can imagine what it was like later on in the day.  The weekend before a Holiday are always busy shopping days.  We finished up with Safeway - dropped off the groceries and then headed to Michael's and Target in south SF.  Once again packed stores, but we found everything we wanted!!

I wrapped up the afternoon with a fun cleaning job..... the oven!!  A job a day, remember -  and its all getting done!!  I also started on Thanksgiving - I made up the cranberry sauce on Friday evening and Saturday afternoon I made a giant pot of Turkey stock for gravy and anything else that need some stock.  Tonight I will make my big old cornbread so that it can sit a few days to dry out - I do love a good cornbread/sausage dressing!!

We had a super evening out Saturday night with Mindi and Tom - we went to a delicious Japanese dinner  at Kitaro and then walked a couple of blocks to get ice cream at Joe's Ice Cream. It was a great evening and the rum/raisin ice cream hit the spot!!!  I do love me some rum!!

Yesterday we went to Mass - it was pouring rain, then went back to the house and picked up Misty and Isaac and it was on to a tasty breakfast at San Jalisco.  After breakfast we stopped off at Trader Joe's (what would a weekend be if we didn't get to TJ).  Then they took off for the football game.  The 49'ers won BTW!!

I spent my stitching time working on my exchange piece, so still no snaps of that... but I did take some snaps of the Christmas Cactus' that are in bloom...

This small cactus was a gift to Rico and is blooming for all its worth - the deep red colour of the blooms is really nice.

... and the larger pale peachy cactus is also blooming, not as many, but still pretty.

I wanted to mention a new Blogger to our ranks - Sharon over at TaylorsNana - stop by and say Hi!!

There you go sports fans.  It is a short week this week, just today and tomorrow and then I'm off for 5 days!!  WooHoo!!!!  Thanks for stopping by today, do stop again.

Take care,


Anna van Schurman said...

I haven't even done the grocery shopping for Thanksgiving! And I have to make a cornbread (for stuffing) and cranberry sauce. And clean the oven. Just as I feared--I am WAY behind. Yikes.

Margaret said...

Sounds like a great weekend with family and friends. I love your Christmas cactuses. I missed my old one so much that last year around xmas I bought myself a new, small one. And it's starting to bloom now! I'm so excited and happy about it! lol!

Julie said...

Lovely when family stop by and you can enjoy fun times. The Christams cactus look great, no buds on mine thisyear :-(

Lynn said...

Being Canadian, our Thanksgiving has past now. However as I'm reading about your preparations, I want to celebrate all over again!
Bring on Christmas!
Speaking of which, your Christmas cacti are gorgeous!

Nancy said...

Sounds like you had a full weekend! So nice when family comes to visit! My family celebrated Thanksgiving early this year because my daughter has to work on Turkey Day so I missed the crowds out shopping for supplies! Yea for me! Wishing you a wonderful Thanksgiving!

riona said...

My contribution to the 4 generation family Thanksgiving dinner is simply four pies from the local orchard and a check to subsidize one of my younger sisters contribution to the meal. The advantage of being the oldest is that I get to relax and enjoy the day ... after many years of carrying the load nearly alone. I'll be making a smaller Thanksgiving dinner for my husband and son on Sunday and will do my shopping for it on Friday when all the shoppers are at gift-y type stores and the grocery stores are so empty you can hear the echo of your own fottsteps.

Quiltin' Sandy said...

Hi Edgar, you sure had an action packed weekend. Rum and Raisin icecream is my absolute fav. I have some in the freezer right now. We don't have Thanksgiving in Australia, but we should, we have lots to be grateful for. Enjoy your special celebration!!! Sandy. :)

Susan said...

I need a weekend to recover from your weekend! I'm picking up the last of my Thanksgiving things tonight (yes I am a glutton for punishment!) My "Christmas" cactus has started blooming again (it also bloomed around Easter this year)

Sherry said...

Sounds like you are busy! Want to come clean my oven? Your Christmas Cactus is beautiful. Mine always die but I just keep buying more!

Kathy said...

My, my, you have been busy. :)

I hope you and yours and the Who-Hounds have a delicious and Happy Thanksgiving!

and Rory too

Sherry :o) said...

You had a great weekend AND got some cleaning done. Love your catcus pictures - my Mom has one that is blooms at Christmas and Easter (Yes, very weird). My Mom gave it to my Dad back in the 1970's; beautiful red. Hope you had a wonderful turkey day and awesome days off!

Susan said...

Wow - you definitely had a busy weekend!

Pilar said...

Although in Spain is not celebrated Thanksgiving, this year we celebrated with a friends whose daughter-in-law is American. We ate turkey, mashed potatoes and mashed sweet potatoes and I cooked the pumpkin pie and a chocolate pudding. It was a nice gathering of family and friends.

trillium said...

Oh, I really want a Xmas cactus! I hope I can buy one this year.