Wednesday, December 8, 2010

A Rainy Wednesday

GR&DF the weather has taken on a decidedly damp aspect!! It is supposed to rain all day today and then on and off for the next two days. That's the winter here in SF - usually rainy and cold. Thanks for the the feedback on yesterdays post - I knew I wasn't the only one to remember the Claymation Specials from 20 years ago!! I think the California Raisins really date it but I still enjoy the heck out the whole thing!!!! - remember how over the top popular the raisins were at the time. Nicola asked about Christmas Rules - and yes, I am going to try and get it stitched up before Christmas. It shouldn't be to arduous a stitch - the only problem I foresee is that each double section includes some silly buttons to finish out the squares. There are three little white ones and a larger red button and they are all incorporated in the designs - now the recommended linen is 32 count so the button size reflects that and I'm stitching mine on 36 so I will have to find some smaller buttons or stitch in the place of the buttons - right now I am not too sure what to do - any suggestions out there?????

I have posted both the Cherry/Coconut Pound Cake and Dinner Roll Dough recipes on Blacksheep Bakes - if you want them just click on over. Both recipes I found on line but adjusted them somewhat to my family's taste. They are both pretty easy - if you have any questions feel free to ask.

That's about it for today sports fans. Thanks for stopping by, do come again!!

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Kathy said...

Hmmmmmm. Are the buttons really a necessary part of the design? I don't have this pattern but I have tons of buttons. One thing I always stock up on at Joanns. :) I can give a look see and send you some. What colors will you need?

Roberta said...

You know, sometimes you can change the linen and the buttons will still fit!!!

Thanks for the recipes.

Enjoy the season.