Friday, December 17, 2010

A Few Christmas Lists

GR&DF the rains , they are upon us - and its wet as the Dickens!! Dickens - get it and funny at Christmas!!! The clouds rolled in yesterday evening and it got cold and wet and will stay that way through next week - if the weather folks are to be believed.

Yesterday I was reading some news stuff online and ran up on a list of the "Top 25 Christmas Movies" of all time. That peaked my interest and so I read and then reread the list and thought to myself -hey self, you could do a better job than that fool. I liked some of the choices but others where just dumb IMHO. I will not repeat the list ( I am sure it can be found easily). I got home last night and got the wild hair thing I get sometimes and sort of wrote out my own list of movies and specials. I broke off the "Christmas Carol" films as a separate list since there are quite a few and they range from really good to barley passing. So here goes edgar's list of fun Christmas Flicks. They are all available on DVD. In no particular order as I don't like to rank these:

- Miracle on 34th Street - 1947 -
- White Christmas - 1954 -
- The Polar Express - 2004 -
- It's a Wonderful Life - 1946 -
- Christmas in Connecticut - 1945 -
- Joyeux Noel - 2006 -
- The Nightmare Before Christmas - 1993 -
- The Bishops Wife - 1947 -
- Elf - 2003 -
- The Homecoming: A Christmas Story - 1971 -
- The Shop Around the Corner - 1940 -

Now for the adaptations of Dickens "A Christmas Carol" - here are a Top 10 available on DVD -

1 - "A Christmas Carol" - 1951 - Alistar Sim
2 - "A Christmas Carol" - 1984 - George C Scott
3 - "Scrooge" - 1970 - Albert Finney
4 - "A Christmas Carol" - 2009 - Jim Carrey
5 - "Scrooged" - 1988- Bill Murray
6 - "The Muppet Christmas Carol" - 1992 - Michael Caine
7 - "A Christmas Carol" - 1999 - Patrick Stewart
8 - "A Diva's Christmas" - 2000 - Vanessa Williams
9 - "A Christmas Carol -the Musical" - 2004 - Kelsey Grammer
10 - "Scrooge" - 1935 - Sir Seymour Hicks
and there are many others too dreadful to mention!!

I couldn't leave off the specials -

- A Charlie Brown Christmas - 1965 -
- How Grinch That Stole Christmas - 1966 -
- Santa Clause is Coming to Town - 1970 -
- Rudolph, the Red Nosed Reindeer - 1964
- The Year without Santa Claus - 1974

There are lots of other movies and specials out there celebrating the season - these are just ones I love and watch every year through the holidays. So got there out and rent a DVD and watch something special!! Thank you all as always for stopping by - have a great weekend!!

Take care -


Patty C. said...

We always watch It's a Wonderful Life - Great movie :)
Merry Christmas

Kristen said...

Oh Edgar, how can you omit An American Christmas Carol, starring Henry Winkler? Unless - dare I think it? - you consider it one of the 'too bad to mention' versions.

If it turns out that you've never seen this version, I encourage you to seek it out. No, it's not 'Fonzie does Dickens,' I assure you! Henry Winkler is a really good dramatic actor, IMO. (He's done one or more of the Law & Order shows, and was very convincing!)

stitcheranon said...

Argh...where is the Muppets Christmas Carol??????? For shame rofl...I agree with all of the rest, but no Muppets???
A great way to introduce 4 year olds to the classics: and I have to admit I love it even though I am somewhat kids have grown up with it to the extent if I need some peace...on it goes and off run the older ones rofl (22 and 15 ;-) The 10 year old still likes it hehe

riona said...

I love your first list with two minor quibbles:
1)I have never seen The Polar Express ... so am not qualified to comment
2) Elf ... I can't get past 5 minutes of it without having to leave the room ... and it doesn't seem to matter what five minutes it is ... beginning, end or anywhere in between!

Kathy said...

Nice list though, IMO it isn't complete without Bells of St. Mary's, Holiday Inn and Deck the Halls (with Danny Devito). Not to mention The Santa Clause with Tim Allen and The 12 Dogs of Christmas.

:) Especially that last one. I'm sure the who-hounds would agree with me. :)

Margaret said...

Fun lists! My son wants to watch the Charlie Brown Christmas. I love It's a Wonderful Life. There are so many good ones!

diamondc said...

Edgar: Your List is fabulous I love all these movies I love black and white its so nostalgic.
Merry Christmas

Sharon said...

I was so hoping you wouldn't forget "The Bishop's Wife" from your list. Aw Edward, you never disappoint! :)

Jennifer said...

I just watched White Christmas (again) last night. I caught it on AMC while flipping the channels.

Got to love that Bing Crosby!

Anonymous said...

Greatlist Edgar. I'd have to add Muppets Christmas Carol, a Christmas Story and Holiday Inn....And Christmas Vacation! Sorry but I just love a griswold Christmas! White Christmas is my all-time favorite followed closely by Charlie Brown's Christmas. I just love Christmas movies!

Diane said...

I have to admit that I'm not familiar with all of the movies on your lists, but of the ones I know I like them all.

My favorite TV special didn't make your list, but it seems to be pretty obscure. It was Nestor, the Long-Eared Christmas Donkey (1977). It reduces me to tears every time I watch it.

Susan said...

You forgot Holiday Inn. Yes I know it was only partly Christmas but ... the Best parts were at Christmas time!

Happy Stitching!

Merry Christmas!

Teri said...

I love your list, and I especially enjoy the holiday movies. The one Christmas special that has stayed with me throughout the years is one I saw on t.v. back in the 1970s: The House Without a Christmas Tree. Remember that one?

Charlene ♥ SC said...

I'm happy to say my favorites made your list! Love the Nativity your Gran painted for you! You're right, it just is not a Nativity without the creche!

Kerry said...

Just found your blog, I saw you were a winner on Ma Kettle's blog. Feel free to check out my blog. My favourite Christmas movie is Jimmy Stewart's It's a Wonderful Life, followed by One Magic Christmas.
Wishing you a very happy holiday.

Susan said...

I've never seen "It's a Wonderful Life" - I should watch that one day, I guess.

My favorite Christmas movie is "Love, Actually".

Anna van Schurman said...

Christmas in Connecticut. Love that--it's on right now! How can you rank Finney above Stewart? I find the musical is really unwatchable. Still, because of your affection for Barbara Stanwyck--all is forgiven. ;)

DonnaTN said...

You have included most of my favorites. I especially love The Bishop's Wife and Christmas in Connecticut along with White Christmas and Holiday Inn.

Pilar said...

Hello Edgar, I see you're a big movie buff. I agree on almost all movies except Elf, and I would add Edward Scissorhands and if you have chance to see it there in the USA, the Spanish movie La gran familia (The large family) directed by Fernando Palacios, 1962.