Wednesday, December 1, 2010

First of December

GR&DF The first day of the last month of the year. Where has the time gone. As I wrap up the year and make ready for the Holidays I cast my mind back across the year and remember the good, the bad and the truly ugly - and try and think of every thing as a learning experience. I try and think of things I could have done, and of things I did get done. I always feel so reflective - like a tail-light!!

Oh well - we must look forward to a new and brighter year ahead!!

Not much going on - last night I made some super headway into my "Christmas Giftie Cooking." I was one busy guy and up to my whoo-zitts in sugar and chocolate - but I wanted to get some little things out into the world and they need to start leaving by the end of the week - so I had to get a move on.

I got not a single stitch done - I didn't even touch it!! As I was basically running from stove to counter to laundry room - for most if not all of the evening. I have gotten some stitching done recently on the Sampler Wreath and will get a snap up tomorrow. I am putting that up for a few weeks because tonight I am starting my Christmas Stitch for this season. It is not very complicated and I should be able to get it done before or just around Christmas. I'll get a picture of that start up also.

Thanks for the kind comments about my Thanksgiving and our little trip. Sherry asked about my 2011 stitching plans.... I always have a plan for my stitching but it usually gets tossed to the wayside pretty quickly if I see something I want to do immediately. I have a rough Idea what I want to accomplish and try and finish, but who knows what will come of that list. Denise asked about Basin Redwood Park - I have never been there, but it looks lovely.

I have been to Muir Woods a few times and have always thought it so peaceful - and just a wonderful place to be - so I now need a trip to Big Basin!! and - Peggy Lee mentioned Pac-Man - they didn't have a Pac-Man, but they did have a Ms. Pac-man - ahhhh the memories!!

There you go sports fans. Thanks for stopping by, do come again!
Take care,


diamondc said...

Pac-man brings such wonderful memories to me just when all the new games are being advertised I am lucky enough to read your blog and you mention Pac-man and Ms. Pac-man this brings great memories of my late brothers, we played Pac-man for hours a glass of wine and loads of fun.
I love reading your musings for the day thank-you for a wonderful blog site to visit.

Rachel S said...

Did you take that photo of the tail light? If so, that is a great shot!

Berit said...

My reflective time is usually in November around my birthday, but you are right about taking stock at this time of year. :)

There is a new Pac Man game (Pac Man Championship DX) available from Playstation Network that is taking our friend set by storm--it sure is pretty!

Peggy Lee said...

Oh My!...sugar and chocolate covered whoo-zitts! YIKES!!
I need to get busy on my holiday baking too. I usually make a small loaf of cranberry bread for each of my neighbors.
Love your post!

Alice said...

Well, if I had to be up to my whoo-zitts in something, chocolate and sugar doesn't sound so bad. I am so with you on the whole 'who made off with my year?' feeling.