Friday, October 22, 2010

A Lovley RAK/B'day Present and Another Gas leak in SF

GR&DF once again the week has wound down to a wonderful two days off!! We are supposed to be getting some rain tomorrow and some major showers on Sunday - so I am not very sure of the plans. Dale and I might just have to cut short our weekly outing to the "sales."

Yesterday the mail brought me a wonderful package from a stitching Buddie - Roberta - and here is a snap...

Along with three darling little acorn pyn cushions and a great acorn waxer - sweet Roberta included a sweet treat!! Some delicious Georgia Wildflower honey from the Shamrock Apiaries in Macon, GA. Thank you so much for the kind RAK/late B'day prezzie!!

With the heighten fear of gas leaks here in SF since the explosion in South City last month - yesterday in Eureka Valley - better know to the world as "The Castro" there was a leak at 18th Street and Castro Street. Now, usually when something happens where they is a city trauma it doesn't affect me - but since I go home to Noe Valley through the Castro changing from the underground Muni to surface transport on the 35 Bus - my getting home was totally screwed up with this mess. Here is a snap of the intersection I was confronted with at 3:20 ....

looking NE up Castro street

As you can see they where lots of city reps around - and not a single one of them could tell me or any of the dozens of other people trying to get home about any buses that may or may not be moving through this area. I stood around watching the demolition of the street for a while and eventually a 35 Bus came around from Diamond Street and turned onto Castro heading south - towards Noe Valley - I jumped on that sucker and was home only about 20 or so mins later than usual. This morning coming back through the Castro on the way to work - you wouldn't have known anything had happened.

Still working on a stitchy present - I will have a snap on Monday.

The flickers this week have been mostly documentaries. Sometimes that is the way the Netflix Queue. Two of them that are worth a look are "Secret Lives: Hidden Children and Their Rescuers During WWII" - 2002 - told by the actual people who where involved. Absolutely one of the most moving things I have seen in a long time. These are a few of the stories of the non-Jewish families who put their lives at risk to save Jewish children. It is beautifully done showing reunions with the adult children and rescuing families. The second film is "Shanghai Ghetto" - 2002 - this film is about the 20,000 or so German Jews that were able to escape just before the start of the war and ended up in Shanghai. An incredible documentary told by those that where there. I had never heard of this part of Jewish History and was fascinated by the stories. Many parts where very moving and the only negative thing I could say is that I think it could have been longer.

Another film from this week was "Telegraph Trail" - 1933 - starring John Wayne, Duke (his horse, and yes the horse gets second billing), Frank McHugh and Marceline Day. I really enjoyed this very short film - at 54 mins it had a very fast paced storyline. The story has many stereotypes, evil rancher, evil Indians, helpless yet smart pretty girl, the hero and side kick and the rescue by the US Calvary. An early film shot out doors, and worth a look.

There you go sports fans, another week another post!! Have a great weekend!!

Take care,


Anonymous said...

I'm going to check out Secret Lives.I haven't seen that one. We went to the Holocaust Museum in May. It's incredibly moving- definitely worth a visit.

Hope you can make it to the sales- I love seeing your loot. Nancy

Berit said...

lol! His horse got billing! :D

Glad you made it home, and sorry the "City Reps" were so devoid of information! :P

Mary Beth said...

Secret Lives is an amazing documentary. It had me moved to tears many times while watching it. I'm glad you got the opportunity to see it. Haven't seen the other so will have to check it out on Netflix and get it in my que. Thanks for the tip!

Sharlotte said...

Love the penny rug! Fresh honey is always great.

Nancy said...

Beautiful gift! A gas leak sounds very scary to me - glad everything was fine this morning. Enjoy your weekend! Rainy days are always good for staying inside and stitching!

Alice said...

Gas leaks are a serious thing! I'm glad nothing bad happened. I need to check out Secret Lives!

DaisyGirl said...

Give Rico big hugs for me! I hope his foot gets better soon! Love the giftie Vonna sent! She does perfect work! Are y'all gonna go to a Halloween party this year? Can't wait to see your pics!

DonnaTN said...

I'm a little behind in my reading. I hope Rico had a good weekend and is getting better. Glad everything is ok for your commute route. And now I'm craving gingerbread!

Anonymous said...

Edgar, I just saw your post about Rico's surgery. I was on vacation - I usually check your blog every day. I hope he is feeling better now.