Thursday, October 28, 2010

Hoof Up-date

GR&DF so sorry for the not posting yesterday - got very busy very fast at work, Today I was late coming because we had follow-up appointment for the Frankenfoot. Cast your mind back to last week and recall that Rico had his Achilles Tendon Rupture surgically repaired. All week he has been slung up in Bed like the last broken down Diva!! Today was the first Doctors visit since then. So, we got there and I unloaded Rico and the hoof - I parked the car - in the non-elevator - parking garage - and hustled my butt down the 7 flights of stairs. Since it was 7:45 am and the whole doggone garage was full up to the roof!! What's up with that!!

I met up with Rico in front of the Medical Building where I had left him. Then it was up to the Doctors office. Being the first appointment of the morning the wait was not the usual 30 to 45 mins wait but just 10 mins. We eventually got into a waiting room and the Doctor came in - cut off the soft cast - not a pretty sight after a week - and then manipulated the hoof a bit - with Rico wincing all the while. The the Doctor slipped a walking boot onto the hurt-hoof. He told us we needed to come back in a couple of weeks and off he went. We made another appointment at the front desk and we were done.

Now Rico can do a bit better at hobbling around the house -
and he has a bit more freedom from the bed!!

There you sports fans - a little nugget of our sparkling lives her by the Bay!!
Take care,


Maggie O said...

Sparkling indeed...but coming along. Hang in there ...things do change!

Roberta said...

The parking garage was full that early, WOW!!!

Glad that Rico can move about a bit more now - he still should take it easy. He needs to learn to stitch!!! LOL

Anonymous said...

I'm glad Rico is on the mend. It sounds like you are a stellar nurse! Take care to you both,

Andrea said...

You crack me up! So glad the "hoof" is a wee bit better...must be taking good care of your patient!

Carol said...

Edgar! You crack me up...."Frankenfoot"? Love it! I understand about the parking situation. Glad Rico is on the mend.
Take care,

riona said...

The image conjured up by the term Frankenfoot is going to haunt me all day wishes for Rico's speedy recovery.

Alice said...

Well that was quite an ordeal! I am glad Rico is able to move around a bit more. It can't be easy to be stuck in bed. Tell me, is he a good patient, or one of the cranky ones?

Anonymous said...

"The last broken down Diva!" LOL!!!Oh poor Rico!!! Glad he can move around a bit now. Nancy D.

Laura said...

I'm glad to hear Rico is doing better. I broke my foot a few years ago and had a cast on for 8 weeks. Talk about not pretty when it came off--LOL!! It's not easy being a broken-down diva.