Thursday, June 17, 2010

A Busy Wednesday

GR&DF sorry to have missed yesterday, but I got a very late start and then was behind all day - which kept me from Blogging at all. There really isn't too much going on in the stitching department as I am trying to finish up an exchange that I think I will get out a day late. I had a major frog issue on Tuesday night which put me off a day - I just hate having to remove bunches of stitching just to get back to a single thread miscount - but that single miscount threw the entire piece all wonky - so frogging it was a better choice to make it look right.

Yesterday included a visit to the farmers market - nothing exciting or unusual there - lots of summer things coming in.... I got a couple of snaps -

There are a few plant stalls and these where some really lovely hydrangeas this guy was selling.... and ....

.... lots of summer squash.....
On the way back to the office I picked up a delicious lunch - a "Southern Hot Dog" -

Which translates into a chili dog with Cole slaw - delicious!!!

Yesterday was Dales Birthday - and we usually get together for a dinner to celebrate - either I cook or we go out. I asked him a couple of days ago where he wanted to go and he chose a new place to us - Roadside BBQ. This place has gotten some very good reviews here in the city. Whats not to like about a place that has a mascot of a pig on a skateboard!!

It is located at the corner of Geary Boulevard and 2nd Avenue in the inner Richmond. I had read some reviews on Yelp and in 7X7 (a Magazine about the City and Bay area) and the pulled pork sandwich is one of the 7 Bites of the City. So of course Dale and I ordered -

pulled pork sandwiches - I got potato salad and Dale got fries - Rico does not care for pulled pork so he got -

BBQ chicken sandwich with garlic fries - everything was really delicious!!
Here is the menu board when you walk in...

The sandwich was so big and filling that I have half of that sucker in the fridge right now for lunch today!!

Last night I was looking through a photo album for a snap and came across one of my sister, brother and myself - taken circa 1972 on the Mall in DC in front of the Museum of Natural History -
l to r - Cissy, Edgar & Warren

I remember this fiberglass triceratops and visiting him on every trip down town - his name is Uncle Beasley - and since nothing is sacred in DC - he has now been moved from a great spot on the Mall in front of the Museum to the National Zoo in a prehistoric garden area.

There you go sports fans!! Thanks for stopping by - do come again!!

Take care,


Nicola said...

Hi Edgar, I was wondering where you were yesterday. Great photos, your meals look lovely, but what is pulled pork?

MyLifesAStitch said...

Oh man... now I'm jonesing for a pulled pork sandwich... ugh... :)!!

Love the pic of you & your sibs! I've seen that dino several times at the zoo, but had no idea about it's previous life in front of the Natural History Museum. At least they're recycling, right?

Have a great week!

Margaret said...

You're making me hungry! lol! Love pulled pork sandwiches -- and chili dogs!! Yum! Happy belated birthday to Dale! Love that pic from your childhood!

Kim B said...

That chili dog has me drooling on my computer keyboard!

Sharlotte said...

Love the photos of the food and all. Really love picture of you and your brother and sister when you were children.If you look at a picture of you today, you can still see that face! So sweet! Take care!

valerie said...

Mmmmm...pulled pork! Thanks for the review. I may need to find an excuse to head over to the Avenues now...

Rachel S said...

The food looks yummy! Good barbecue is hard to find!

So that is why I haven't seen that triceratops. They moved him!

Amy said...

I don't think the slaw on hot dogs is a "southern thang", I think it's a NC thing, seriously. I've been in SC for almost 29 years & have yet to meet anyone who even knows about slaw on a hot dog (unless they're FROM NC), but that's how we grew up eating them in Western NC. We also had tomato/vinegar mixed as a base for BBQ and if we went & ordered BBQ, it came on a bun and slaw did too unless you asked them to leave it off. In SC, everything comes on a plate (or buffet) and they eat hushpuppies with it. They go with fish - at least in NC! lol Isn't it strange how different foods are eaten so different even from one part of a state to another, and certainly from state to state?

And I enjoyed your old family pics. I think you resemble your dad quite a bit!