Monday, June 28, 2010

Breezy Two Days

GR&DF the weekend was non-eventful - Friday evening was drama central, but the weekend was cool and calm.

We started off the weekend with more construction around our ever changing building. Now, the new owners are putting a new roof on - and as delightful as that might be - a necessary evil. So.... we came home Friday afternoon to lots of banging, pounding and stomping about. Since the work crew probably was working with a crazy deadline they where moving briskly across the lower roofs - our building or I should say builkdings are actually stepped back and up the side of smallish mountain and the townhouses are on the lower end of this - consequently they started on our section first - lucky us!! With them trying to move as quickly as possible putting down some sort of white stuff - a film and foam board - I would guess this is getting ready for the final sealing - I have no clue - But they somehow disconnected or cut our phone line - so this left us without a land line - which is no problem at all - I hate the phone with a blind passion - and I never carry my cell - however this also disconnected our computer - so I couldn't do the drawing yesterday as planned but I will do it tonight and announce a winner tomorrow. We have an appointment for Tuesday between 4 and 8pm for the phone people to fix what was broken. - The joys of apartment living!!

The weekend here at lazy butt central was low key aside from no phone. It was Pride Weekend and the city was filled with out-of-towners - like many extra 1000's of folks from far and near. A traditionally big party on the eve of Pride is on Saturday Night in the Castro - it is called "Pink Saturday." This year, if you have not heard, there was gun fire - with one fatality. I have hared from some friends that where int he Castro that the crowd was mostly from out of town and lots of thugs types from the East Bay and south peninsula causing trouble. This traditional party will probably go the way of Halloween in the Castro and get banned.

On Saturday we ran some errands and then stayed in the rest of the day - and watched the fog roll down over twin Peaks and into the city and then yesterday is was brought and sunny all day and got very warm - up into the upper 70's -

I stitched some on the Red Alphabet - here is a snap -

This piece is coming along nicely - and will wrap up in the next day or so.

One of our favorite food places is Trader Joe's. They have started to carry pizza dough - so we picked some up. It is super easy to use and here is a before the stove -

and after about 20 mins in a hot oven....

I love making pizza at home - that way I get my extra peperoni, onion and green olives with extra cheese - This sucker was so big that there is still a couple of pieces in the fridge for dinner tonight!!

I also made a cherry coffee cake - with the season about shot I thought I should make one last thing....

I modified a recipe I found on the blog called "The English Kitchen" - Marie always has the nicest things posted and she is such an inspiration!!

There you go sports fans - another lazy weekend!! - and - looking towards the end of this "short" week - a long 4 Day weekend - I took off Friday and that with Next Monday off will be wonderful!!!!

Thanks for stopping by!! I'll announce the winner of the chart in tomorrows post.

Take care,


Carol R said...

Red Alphabet is lovely - I'm really into 'red stitching' at the moment!

The pizza looks delicious and the cherry coffee cake absolutely yummy. Cut me a slice and pour the coffee - I'm on my way round!

Peggy Lee said...

Red Alphabet is beautiful. I am a lover of all things SAMPLER.
Now that you have me drooling onto my keyboard I think I need to run to the kitchen and make some peach cobbler.
~~Peggy Lee

Kelly said...

The red alphabet is great. Your food also looks delicious. I love Trader Joe's too. If you drink wine, you must try their Vino Verde. It is in a long neck green colored bottle. It is kind of sweet with a sparkle but it is not a sparkling wine. The best part is that it costs about $4.00 per bottle. It has been my drink of choice all summer.

Rachel S said...

That is awful about the Pride Day. What is wrong with people.

The goodies you made look tasty!

Missy aka Birdy said...

Tragic news abut the Pride Day celebration.

Your Red Alphabet is a real beauty and that pizza made my bell grumble!! Ohhh that lloks os good.


Lisa said...

That is absolutely horrible about the shooting in the Castro during Pride Week. We moved here just about the time that Halloween festivities were banned. It is a shame when a few people ruin things for the majority! Red Alphabet is coming a long was a lazy butt weekend here in the tri-valley area as the temps were unbearable! We're looking forward to the 4 day holiday weekend, hoping to get in some beach time! Take care!

Margaret said...

It seems like every time there's construction on your building, something goes wrong! Argh! Hope getting your phone line back isn't too painful. And the roofing gets done fast too. Love the red alphabet so far! And the pizza and coffee cake! Wow!

Vilma aka Examplar Dame said...

Your Red Alphabet is looking beautiful, it looks like you love
Sheepish Designs, I love them also,
in fact their designs was what got
me started into samplers.

Blessings, Vilma

DonnaTN said...

The red alphabet is looking good, but not as good as the pizza and cherry coffee cake! My priorities always lean toward food! I have a whole folder on my computer full of Marie's recipes. The keyboard is not pretty when covered in drool!

carolm said...

Upper 70's, I would love it.. Yesterday99, today 98, and we will just forget the heat and humidity index!!!

Meadows08 said...

Sounds like you have a nice, relaxing weekend! Your pizza and coffee cake look delish!

Deborah said...

Sorry about the shooting at Pride. We have had some minor problems but nothing that severe. The coffee cake looked so good that I went to the English Kitchen and found the recipe. I have the cherriesso I will be baking in the morning. Thanks

Isadarena said...

I just discovered your blog and I really enjoy visiting it : I love it :-)
I hope you will spend a nice time stitching the Red Alphabet ( it is a lovely design ) and I look forward to seeing your next progress on it so.... I began one of your new followers.
I also saw that you are going to begin "the Garden path" from Sheepish Designs , a antic chart I just purchased from a french stitcher and I really love your thread conversion :-)
Wishing you a great day ,
Isabelle from France

Patty C. said...

The Red Alphabet looks great :)