Monday, June 21, 2010

A Beautiful Weekend

GR&DF thank you all for the kind comments on my post from Friday - even my sister had nice things to say about the post - and she can be so persnickety sometimes..... hey there weena!! I know she reads the blog daily but refuses to comment....... just a sweet lurker!!

As the post header states it was an absolutely beautiful weekend here in SF. In the mid 60's sunny, bright and lovely breezes both days. Not a spot of fog or mist or rain. All I did all weekend was go out to breakfast on Saturday morning - to Eddies - and run down to south SF to the Michael's to get a couple of skeins of DMC and then stay in and look at the days past - what a lump of laziness I was. I did some laundry. but didn't push around the vacuum a bit. I needed (don'tcha love the way I put that) , needed the DMC as I did not have a couple of colours for something I am kitting out and I want to convert to Belle Soie. I'll post a snap tomorrow. I got this particular chart in a loan from another stitcher - and all I can say at the moment is how kind and generous some stitchers can be. Check back in the morning.

I did watch a few flickers - of course - and I did burn quite a few stick of inscese. I made a peach cobbler yesterday, but no flick of that. I told you it was a lazy butt weekend.

One of the flicks I saw was Disc two of the multi disc TV mini series "Winds of War" - 1983 - starring a bunch of actors lead off by Robert Mitchum. Set in the late thirties and then moving into WWII it is a relatively well done piece - there are the problems with costuming extras and some of the background, but overall I am just looking past all the tiny problems and really enjoying the overall story. That is one of the nice things about Netflix - I can watch some gigantic multi disc monster of a piece broken up over a long period of time.

There you go sports fans. I do thank you again for stopping by and for your very kind comments. Do come again!!

Take care,


Cole said...

Sometimes those lazy weekends are the best kind!

Friday's post is wonderful! I love the pictures :)

Loraine said...

I love a lazy weekend too. Sounds perfect!

Berit said...

Ooh; can't wait to see what the up-coming is! :D

Give back our nice weather! Sounds like it migrated over to you! Suddenly, from a few days ago, it has been So Hot. :P At least it's better than Oklahoma was! ;)

Missy aka Birdy said...

I love for lazy weekends. Sounds like paradise.