Thursday, March 4, 2010

Thursday Posting

GR&DF I so enjoyed all the comments - thank you for them!! - and the Lolly-nator is still a bit grumpy and wearing the ole Rumba panties. That is not the name that the manufacturer calls them but a name we came up with. If you remember Hunny, our little teacup Chihuahua we lost last year - she only had a few "moon times" and the panties we found for her were bright pink with four or five lines of lace/ruffles along the backside - so we named them her "rumba panties." Now the name has stuck even though Lolly's panties are dark blue fabric without a bit a lace or ruffle anywhere!! We where planning on getting the "big snip" for Lolly, but with her like she is now it has thrown that off schedule - it has been put off until she is back to normal and the cookie shrinks back to its normal size!!

It was totally funny about the dog food - Jennifer mentioned how she decided on what to buy - we have tried numerous types and have finally settled on the senior chicken/lamb/rice by Mighty Dog - they like it and so we get it - and it is often on sale. I guess I am pretty lucky about "doggie day spa" for the hounds. All I have to do is throw the stopper in the kitchen sink and fill it up with warm water and voila a tub for washing Chihuahua's - I forget that with larger dogs there is way more to it - and Anna having to take in Stella for her grooming - I don't think that Pete could stand it - as he usually has a nervous break down just standing in the water.

Melissa asked the other day about where I got "Wisdom Ways" by Traditional Samplers - this one came from Em-Li's. It is a great site and Carol is great to work with. This particular sampler I was totally drawn to not only because of the verse but the border is so very pretty. I know that there are those that do not like stitching borders, but I love doing them and the repetitiveness is so relaxing - I know - total freak here!!!

Last night I did not work on the Memorial Sampler, but started up my next exchange piece - an Easter one that I think will turn out quite pretty.

The flickers where two nice old musicals - the first was "Strike up the Band" - 1940 - starring Mickey Rooney and Judy Garland. It is one of the many "formula" movies they made. I still enjoy them and watch them frequently. The second film was "Cabin in the Sky" - 1943 - starring Ethel Waters, Eddie "Rochester" Anderson and Lena Horne. I love this musical and have seen it many times. It is worth the whole picture to see and hear Ethel Waters sing and shimmy. This was the first movie that Vince Minnelli directed. Both films are easy and fun to watch.

There you go sports fans - not too much today. Thanks for stopping by do come again!!

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Margaret said...

I'm enjoying learning all about Lolly's cycle. lol! Poor Lolly probably doesn't enjoy it though. I agree that Carol is great to work with. I enjoy Emli's whenever I order from her.

Myriam said...

Just to wish you a good day or evening...

Susan said...

I don't remember seeing Cabin in the Sky but I have seen Strike up the Band - as you say formula but good! I love the old Judy Garland movies too.
Happy Stitching!

DonnaTN said...

Poor Lolly! Ever girl should have lace on her panties!

Catherine said...

I still can't get over the term, "cookie" - it just cracks me up!! Maybe you could spruce up her rumba panties by adding some lace!

Sharon said...

Poor Lolly - you should put your needlework skills to use and "personalize" her "rhumba's" :)

Can't wait to see your Easter piece!!

Patti said...

I just wanted to tell you that I never get tired of looking at the photo in your heading - it is just jaw droppingly gorgeous. Now you have taken that photo you can get them all framed.
Lots of Love
Patti xxx