Monday, March 1, 2010

Kind Words and a Lovely Ornament

GR&DF - wowsers - this Monday morning it was so nice to read every ones comments - I do thank you for the kind words and gentle thoughts!! I did want to answer some of the questions.... The memory of Berit is great!! Yes I did have my school colours in mind when I stitched the ABC piece up - East Carolina colours are purple and gold - the Belle Soie colours I chose are quite a bit darker than the actual colours but are reminiscent of them and remind me of the great years I spent going to school in North Carolina - GO PIRATES!!!!!! Melissa mentioned about how skinny the frame is - It is a bit on the narrow/skinny side, but the glass that came with it was on the thin side and even pinning the piece to the acid free foam core there was barely a tiny bit of over hang and the paper back sealed it up nicely - I could see why a framer would not want to use this sort frame as it was made for a flat piece of paper picture (the frame came with a "gorgeous" print of a Chinese junk - heavy on the junk if you ask me and it was the first thing to get gone when I got home!!) but I am a determined person when it comes to some things and It was gonna fit - In the past I have thought about having a framer reuse one of my finds but since I can do it myself why bother. Lynette asked about the designer - it was part of a SAL by Gazette94 - she is a designer and has some lovely free designs to stitch. Nic asked about if I have a list of pieces - or just how I buy frames. I usually buy what appeals to me at the moment. I do carry a tape measure and a short list of finished pieces but that never hinders my buying as at some point I might be able to use something. In fact this past weekend I found two nice frames that do not fit anything I have finished at the moment. They where totally inexpensive and I can see that at some point I might be able to use them - so into the spare closet they go...... I think you just have to go out with an open mind that you may or you may not find something and you certainly can not look at what is in the frame as it is often something not so great - just look past that and see your work in there!!

On Friday the mail brought me my Round 4 Ornament - from Roberta - and it is a beauty!!
Here is a snap -

This is a design by Mary Garry - Seasonal Mementos - December - and I just love it!!! I stitched this one up last year for another exchange and really wanted on for my own and now I have one!!! Thank you so much Roberta!!!!!

There were a couple of flickers from the weekend I wanted to mention - both 1940's suspense pieces - in the mystery Noir style. First up would be "Murder my Sweet" - 1944 - starring Dick Powell, Claire Trevor, Anne Shirley and Otto Kruger. This is a great film for many reasons - it was Dick Powell's break with MGM and his song and dance image, here he is playing Phillip Marlow (the first time Marlow appears on the silver screen) a gun toting, wisecracking, Dame chasing Private eye. It was also a break with image for Claire Trevor where she was used to playing "good time" girls with a heart of gold - here she plays all bad all the time... but beautiful poison is always the tastiest!! The story circles around a bar, a jade necklace and murder!! If you like gum chewing dames and some great B&W cinematography you should check this one out. Second up is "Saboteur" - 1942 starring Robert Cummings, Priscilla Lane and Otto Kruger. This Alfred Hitchcock flick is about a falsely accused man on the run looking for the real villain - with a beautiful girl to help. A top notch suspense film that still holds up. I would recommend both films.

There you go sports fans!! The weekend was pretty nice without much of the rain we where to expect. Thank you for stopping by - do come again!!

Take care,


Catherine said...

What a great ornament from your exchange!!

valerie said...

Love that ornament!!

Nancy said...

Don't you love finding frames at estate sales and garage sales? It sounds like you buy them like I do!

What a beautiful ornament Roberta made for you!

FayeRaye said...

Well, my goodness!~~ YOU went to ECU???? Small world!~ Being a Carolina girl, I am glad to know that about you~~~ Love the ornie btw!~ Faye

Bronny said...

Thank you - I do like starting my day with your blog. I enjoy watching your stitching come to life and then share your joy when completed and framed and on the wall. What lovely work you have done. All those lovely exchange pieces too - there are so many inspiring finishes for many ornaments. As your days get longer and ours shorten I look forward to learning more about your neighbourhood too.
Thank you also for your movie critiques....Unfortunately I do not have control of the remote, or there would be more movies and less reality TV car shows.

Berit said...

Gosh what a catchy ornie--I like it more every time I see it! Regarding those films, I've noted them down, now I know something to request next time I do an online library search! I can have things sent from almost any library in NJ and then pick it up at my local one! :D

Kim B said...

Great ornie! I love that design!

Susan said...

The ornament was wonderful.
Have you picked something else to stitch? Did I miss the announcement? It's always interesting what stitchers choose to stitch. Me, I'm still plodding thru CaHRH and the middle verse of Sweet Humility for a friend.
Happy Stitching!

Myriam said...

Juste un petit coucou de Belgique!

Theo Trollbeads said...

It is an archaic shape and resembles the trident shaped artifacts from Neolithic periods which has been described as "San Zi" (shaped like the Chinese character "Mountain." ) Such artifacts are illustrated and described in Chinese as well as Western literature. See JADE by consultant editor Roger Keverne pages 54 and 76 for Liangzhu examples. They are said to be hair ornaments because they have been discovered near the head usually together with a jade Stick.Theo Trollbeads