Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The Last of the Summer Sunshine

GR&DF thank you all for the comments on yesterdays post about "Oscar outfits." Mary mentioned Sarah Jessica Parker - now she usually does a much better job with her gowns, this one was nice but not a knock out like we are used to seeing her in - and I do agree about her hair - it was a mighty "coif-o-saurus" that really didn't photograph that well when she was on stage. It was only later when we got a all over look that it popped and showed off just how huge and fixed it was. The jewellery - some of it was just magnificent!! If there is one night to wear a sparkly - then Oscar Night is it - even if most of the stuff is borrowed and loaned those diamonds still catch the light very well!!

The post title is in reference to our opening up the last of peach jam I made last summer.

I am going to eek this stuff out as long as I can. I could make more since I can get peaches at the Safeway, but they are from Chile. They are adequate, but not "local" fruit so I am going to have to wait until the new crop comes into make more.

More stitching on my Easter piece.

The flicker last night was an oldie but a goodie - "Calamity Jane" - 1953 - starring Doris Day and Howard Keel. I totally love this movie and have seen it dozens of times. It wasn't a DVD but actually came on the Encore Western movie station so I had to watch. What was so great is that we got home from dinner at "Alice's" and this was coming on - such perfect timing!! Alice's is a great neighborhood Chinese place that we think is pretty tasty!!

I wanted to mention that tonight starts the month long TCM tribute to a wonderful actress - Ginger Rogers - 1911- 1995. She was much more than a dance partner to Fred Astaire - she could do comedy, drama, sing and dance. The month long tribute will showcase 43 of her movies on Wednesday nights - tonight they are showing 5 films starting off with... "The Gay Divorcee" - 1934, this is followed by "Top Hat" - 1935 , then it is "Swing Time" - 1936, next is "Roberta" - 1935 and the final film of the evening will be - "Follow the Fleet" - 1936.

There you go sports fans - Thanks for stopping by , do come again!!

Take care,


stitchenmylifeaway said...

Yummy, sorry your almost out. I'm on my last pomegranate jelly too. I guess we'll both endup at with store bought. OH well lots of Easter candy out there to compensate for it. LOL

Susan said...

Just love Ginger Rogers! Thanks for the show schedule.

Are you liking this Easter stitch better than the last?

Happy Stitching!
From the sandlot

Margaret said...

Oh I can't wait for peach season! lol! You have to savor that peach jam while it lasts! Thanks for pointing out the Ginger Rogers festival. I love seeing her with Fred Astaire in those old classics.

DonnaTN said...

My mouth is watering over the peach jam! Maybe this year's dresses and hairdos were suffering a case of the emperor's new clothes. Someone told those ladies that they look fab and the ladies believed them!

Kristen said...

I love Calamity Jane!! I don't know that the Doris Day version is historically accurate, but it sure is a fun movie! :) How can you go wrong with Doris Day?

Bronny said...

I love Calamity Jane - Thank you - my boys are going to complain that I'm singing again!!!
"Just flew in from the windy city!" - They are such great songs.... Gotta love a great musical - love "7 brides for 7 brothers" too!
My favourite still remains "My Fair Lady" - one day I'll sing the part of Eliza (only if they re-write it for contralto and let out the costumes somewhat! lol)
Thanks for the thoughts and enjoy your jam!

Catherine said...

Oohh that jam looks good!

Some great flicks coming up!

Deb said...

There is nothing better than peach jam. And I hear you on the buying local. I live really close to the Peach Capital of the country I think (in fact my mom ran for Peach Queen many years ago). There is nothing better than having them fresh off the tree and they make wonderful jam. We get wonderful strawberries too.

I love your list of flicks that are coming out. When I can wrestle the TVs from the other members of the family I try to catch one here and there.

Kathryn said...

The things I miss the most from the Bay Area are Frog Hollow apricots and peaches. The freshest ones are sold at the Ferry Plaza Farmer's Market, but sometimes our local Whole Food (4th Street) has them, too.

SimplyStitchingintheGarden said...

Just catching up - I also watched the whole Academy Awards, I agree - way too many commercials. do love to see the outfits and Cameron Diaz did look stunning!!

Berit said...

Lately I've been buying canned no-sugar-added (gotta love that diet!) peaches in a can from the store. Not quite the same thing, but I guess we are all longing for the summer! I feel admiration for you that you managed to "put up" enough preserve to carry you through the long winter! Well, almost, right?

Myriam said...

Bientôt l'été et tu pourras faire de nouvelles confitures!

Stitchinowl said...

I also watched the entire Academy Awards show. I loved Cameron Diaz' outfit and hair. She just oozed Old Hollywood Glamour. Sarah Jessica Parker, well she missed the mark this time, IMHO. The hair was like a separate entity unto itself and so fake. I usually love her style, but not this time around.